Breaking The Seal


[deflowering, erotica, incest, brother/sister, virgin, teen, barely legal, incest pregnancy, taboo, age disparity, science fiction, fantasy, older man/younger woman]

For 300 years, the Fathers have controlled the Dome and all the people inside. The rules they have imposed governing free love are enforced by powerful nanotech Seals that have never been broken. Or have they? When Relk falls in love with a much younger girl, he knows they never be able to consummate their love unless he finds a way to…Break The Seal.


      "Rel," Ellenne breathed as soon as he was near. She had waited up, and reached now to cup his face.
      "Elly." He caught her hand against his cheek and then kissed her palm.
      "I've missed you so."
      "And I you. You've no idea how much." He kissed her wrist next, worshiping, inhaling her sweet, intoxicating scent.
      "Lie with me, brother," she begged. "Press into me until I convulse. Please."
      Relk stiffened, but he quickly pushed the sheets back down, hiding her magnificence. "Not yet, baby sister." He ached to do as she asked, even if it meant she would be gripped by several days of convulsions. "I have news."
      Her eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean?"
      "Beyond the Dome the Sealing fails," he barely whispered. "There is no technology there to sustain it."
      "Truly?" Her eyes were wide now. "You mean... we could be together there?"
      "Truly. We could join as we have long ached to. There would be nothing and no one to stop our union." He kissed her wrist again. "I have found a way to get us there, but the cost is great."
      "I will pay it, whatever it is."
      Relk's heart soared to hear her say those words. It settled everything in his mind. This was right. What he was doing was worth it. "I have already paid, dear one." He kissed her wrist again. "It will happen soon. Pack a small bag with only the barest of essentials. When the time comes it must not look as though we planned to leave. We will be seen getting on a transport together and it will fail, crashing in an accident. The rest of the world will believe us dead. In truth, we will be secreted underground to a place where we can escape the Dome together."
      "We're going to fake our deaths?" Her eyes fluttered closed. "Fake our deaths so we may be together. Oh, it's so romantic." She looked back up at him, her gaze adoring. "Yes, Rel. I will give it up for you, all of this... our comfortable, rich life together... I will give it all up to feel your arms around me, to taste your lips on my mouth, to know your body inside of mine, unhindered... yes."
      Overcome with emotion, Relk kissed her wrist again, then her forearm, the inner part of her elbow, working his way closer. He kissed her clavicle, her neck, the underside of her jaw, then up until his lips ghosted across hers. "You will become sick if I continue," he whispered against her ear.
      "Don't stop," she begged. "Please, Rel. Don't stop."
      Then he kissed her full on, knowing the consequences. She clutched him and kissed him back, rough and insistent, pushing her tongue into his mouth, exploring him there in a way she could not be explored elsewhere.
      "On top of me," Ellenne gasped. "Hurry, lie on top of me!"
      Never before had Relk lay with her like that, but tonight was different. He hurriedly undressed and crawled beneath the blankets. He was panting hard, so in love and motivated. He held her close as he resumed kissing her. She wrapped her legs around him, gasping as they kissed. Her body began to seize, but she continued to kiss him.
      Feeling his flesh against her flesh was utterly overwhelming. Already her little body was locking down as her intense arousal for him triggered her Sealing, but she didn't stop kissing him, not yet.
      "D-don't stop," she begged, her teeth chattering now. "R-rub against me until... until..." She threw back her head and let out a sob of anguish. "D-don't s-stop..."

Word Count: 26,962

  • Manufactured by: Daniel Kay

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