Through The Silk


[incest, brother/sister incest, virginity, virgin, barely legal, first time sex, impregnation]

For eighteen years, Cindy has been "protected" by a chastity spell so powerful she can't even take off her underwear if aroused. After so many frustrating nights, she finally discovers a way around the chastity spell and, armed with a potent vial of love tonic, gets her secret lover right where she wants him to test the theory. To their utter delight, it works! They discover that their intensely compatible chemistry can push through the spell, rewarding them with pleasure beyond compare. The lovers, powered by the lover tonic, vow that nothing again will keep them apart.


      Tiny, petite Cindy straddled her big brother on his bed, pushing his back up against the headboard. She spread her legs over him, opening her panty-covered pussy, damp with her arousal, and rubbed the head of her brother's cock against the wet spot her natural lubrication had created on the silk. “Through them,” she gasped, shivering in need. “You can fuck me through them," she whispered. "P-push my panties inside me with your cock; fuck your baby sister's virgin cunt through her silk panties.”
      She rocked her hips enticingly, helping the tip of her brother's cock to open her, spreading her pussy lips through her panties. “They can't come off so long as Mom's chastity spell is cast, but you can f-fuck me through them.” Her teeth chattered she was in so much need. “You can f-force your cock and the panties inside me. Inside my p-pussy.” In one fast motion she pulled off her shirt, revealing pert little nipples that were hard with arousal. “You can f-force it inside your baby sister.”
      “W-will it hurt?”
      “No. ” She tossed her head, trembling in desire. “The potion... it's wonderful. Ohhh. Look at me, Jerry. Big brother,” she panted as she rocked her hips: slowly, slowly pushing her big brother's cock into her panties and, just a wisp of silk beyond that, into her unbroken hymen. “Look at your little sister t-trying to fuck you. I know you want it. We both want it. We've always wanted it, ever since I caught you masturbating that one time and stayed and watched. I've never wanted to fuck any other man, and I know deep down you've never wanted to fuck any other girl but me, your little sister. The magic potion we took wouldn't work this powerfully if we didn't so desperately want each other. So, force it in. It'll work. P-push your cock through, into my virgin pussy, wrapped in my panties!”

Word Count: 2,691

  • Manufactured by: Daniel Kay

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