Reuniting With Mom


[mother, son, incest, public sex, hardcore sex, taboo]

Marcus has just made contact with his biological mother. He has so many questions to ask her, and plenty of mixed feelings as well. Rochelle is successful, strong, smart, and beautiful woman. So why did she abandon him all those years ago? And how can she make up for it now? Marcus knows one way, and it doesn’t take him long to learn that his rich, beautiful, successful mother has the same idea. He’s ready to break some taboos with some extra special mother-son “bonding” time, and the desire is very much mutual.


      “Good boy…” she hissed. And then she surprised me by taking my hands and pulling them to her chest. It just occurred to me how incredible it was that I was fucking a woman before even touching my first set of breasts. Bless her; my Mom had all my bases covered. Of course, back then I had no idea what real breasts felt like, let alone fake ones, so I just enjoyed squeezing and pinching her tits without overthinking. I pictured laying her flat on the bed and sticking my cock between them, just like those young guys in all the Hentai I watched. God, I was sure that would feel amazing…
      “So good… you feel so good, Mom…” I spoke into her back.
      Of course, since my view of the rest of the theatre was blocked, I had no idea that that irritated couple from before had caught us in our lurid act and had left to protest to the manager. When I noticed the sudden flash of yellow light around Rochelle’s shoulder, I cursed and tried to bounce her off of me. “Stop; someone’s coming!” I hissed.
      My mother quickly took her seat, smoothing her dress out, and acted as if nothing was amiss. Despite the whiff of sex that were surely hanging in our vicinity.
      “You two need to leave. NOW,” the young usher said once she approached us at the back row.
      “Sweetie, please. We’re just watching–”
      “We’ve called security. Get out now, or they will detain you until the police get here.”
      “Alright,” I said, grabbing my mother’s arm. “Sorry, we’re going…” My mouth was so dry I could barely get the words out. I motioned for Rochelle to move it. She huffed, grabbed her handbag, and we left down the left aisle. I ducked and covered my face as we passed the screen to take the fire exit. Those tut-tuts I heard on my way out were like stabs in the chest.
      We were in an alleyway, under the afternoon sunlight. Rochelle pulled her arm out of my grip. “Jesus, kid, talk about not keeping a cool head. Haven’t you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing?”
      “We were caught fucking, Rochelle. That’s different to snatching a candy bar off a shelf.”
      She paused, and then turned to me. “What did you call me?”
      I stumbled. “I-I uh…”
      She took my face in her hand and lifted her face an inch from mine. “I am your mother, kid.”
      “I…I have a mother…”
      “You have a Mom. You also have a mother. A real mother. The woman who just made a man out of you.”
      She smothered my mouth with her own, kissing me with more depth and love than I would ever have thought possible. My eyes were open. I saw her brows knitting with passion and intensity. Eventually, I closed my own eyes and let myself fall into the perfect moment. It was love, pure and simple.
      When she pulled away, she said, “Get in my car, I’m taking you home.”
      As she tugged me out of the alleyway, I protested. “I… I don’t think it’s a good idea if my parents see me coming back with you.”
      She scoffed. “I didn’t mean your home.”
      I didn’t protest.

Word Count: 9,234

  • Manufactured by: Alexi Fall

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