The Forbidden Journey - The Complete Anthology


[erotica, hardcore, incest, brother, sister, teen, virgin, male virgin, outdoor sex, college sex, tragedy, love, romance, partner swapping]

Charlie and Mindy have always loved each other, but they’re about to discover just how deep that love is when they backpack to Wyoming, and their unusually close sibling relationship changes forever. Can they stay strong against the challenges of family disapproval, college life, and personal tragedies?


The Forbidden Journey follows nineteen-year-old Charlie and his eighteen-year-old sister, Mindy, through a pivotal year of their lives as they discover themselves, each other, and what they mean to each other. Their journey begins as they backpack, just the two of them, into Wyoming's remote, beautiful Wind River Range. There, surrounded by grandeur, cut off from all other human contact for a week, they learn that they are much more to each other than loving brother and sister.

But Charlie has always thought of himself as his little sister's protector, and he will not breach the trust she has always placed in him. So it's left to her to take the matter into her own hands, and then into her own mouth, and then… And then, Charlie learns in Mindy's arms that some lines are meant to be, must be, will be crossed.

In this exciting four-book collection, follow two teenaged siblings' journey of discovery together, through trust, love, and passion, as they develop their forbidden love, striving always to honor their old childish pledge to each other: "Now and always!" They must turn the love and trust of their shared childhood into something more adult, more exciting, more important, more compelling, and far more permanent.

Word Count: 259,839

  • Manufactured by: Charles E. Magness

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