Doing Mom For Dad


[incest, group incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, incest threesome, mom, dad, son, taboo erotica]

Rick's parent’s 20th anniversary is tomorrow and he wants to get them something special. They tell him they don't want a gift, but there is one thing he could do for them. Rick says he'll do anything, and his parents are thrilled! The next night, Rick discovers that what they him! Rick's dad has always wanted to see his wife with a younger man, and not just any young man, but his son!


      “Hey, what’s going on in here?” Mom asked, entering the room.
      “Shit!” I whispered and reached for the mouse, but dad leaned over and beat me to it, he minimized it, but didn’t close it.
      “I thought you were coming right back?” Mom asked.
      She came over to stand next to dad and I saw she was wearing one of his button up shirts. The shirt went down to about her mid thigh, but she had only fastened a couple of the middle buttons. Her stomach was exposed as was a good portion of her tits above the button.
      Mom’s hair was down and some of it was on her chest. Her soft reddish brown hair was just over her breast and it looked good, hell she looked damn good.
      “I was, but I wanted to tell Rick something and guess what our son was doing?”
      “I don’t know, what?” she shrugged as she looked down at me.
      I realized I was sitting there in just my boxers and felt another wave of embarrassment especially when I looked down to see a large wet stain on them right at the head of my cock. I looked back up and noticed mom was still staring down at me and seemed to be looking right at my crotch.
      “He was jerking off.” Dad informed her.
      “Oh.” Mom shrugged causing her tits to jiggle and despite how much trouble I was in my dripping cock twitched and I lowered my hands to put them on my lap. “Well he’s nineteen it’s a sporting event at his age.”
      “True.” Dad nodded, “But its what he was jerking off to that’s interesting.”
      “What were you watching, honey?” Mom asked, still seeming unaffected by me being in my underwear, more than that her eyes were wandering up and down my chest and stomach.
      “Just um, some porn.”
      “Amateur porn.” Dad said, “Home made.”
      “Really?” Mom glanced at him, “I like those, but they’re not my favorite.”
      “Oh, we know what your favorite is.” Dad winked, “But here, I’ll show you what your son was jerking off to.”
      “Dad, don’t!” I exclaimed, but he ignored me and brought the picture back up onto the computer.
      “Oh, my.” Mom said softly.
      “Yup, I walked in and here he is jerking off to our video, not just that but talking to it,” he laughed, “Talking to you, telling you what to do to him.”
      “Rick, were you really?” Mom asked.
      I’d never felt so ashamed and couldn’t answer her. I simply sat there trying to keep my eyes away from her chest.
      “Yeah he was, should have seen how friggin hard he was, telling you to suck his cock.”
      “Rick, really?” Mom shook her head, “Why would you do that?”
      “Mom, I…”
      “I mean why would you sit here and get all hard over me then jerk it off and waste it?”
      “Waste it?” I repeated.
      “Yes, waste it.” Mom put her hands out, “Honey if you’re getting hard over me then shouldn’t I be the one to take care of it? Why should you?” she looked at dad and sighed dramatically, “Can you believe that? A nice young hard cock like that and he’d rather make a mess on himself then let his mother help him?”

Word Count: 16,930

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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