Nine Days and Nine Nights


[Incest, father daughter incest, fable, stories from Ovid, Myrrha, explicit sex between father and daughter, anal sex, oral sex, penetration between father and daughter, explicit fairy tale, erotic mythology]

A carnal, explicit story which tells the tale of a wanton girl’s seduction of her own father, she’ll stop at nothing until she has learned the ways of a woman at his hands. If you enjoy taboo erotica, this hot story is sure to turn you on. Loosely based on Ovid’s Myrrha, this explicit story will offend some readers and is unsuitable for all readers under the age of 18.

If only Cinyras had not had a child, perhaps then, fortune might have smiled on him. As it was, he had a daughter, Myrrha. A child so beautiful, a girl so lovely, a woman so irresistible that even Cinyras, her sire, her master, her father, was not immune.

Beware, fathers, beware, daughters, you are warned not to read this tale. Perhaps the siren’s song will entice you and your eyes and ears find the notes of warning overwhelming, a potent invitation to emulate all that you see and hear here. Or maybe you will be horrified, for incest is a vile sin and must be punished.


      He strokes her gently. At first just feather-light touches. Cinyras does not realise that his hands move softly on his daughter’s flesh. Even as she trembles beneath him, he thinks he hears her sigh: “Father, oh father, I love you.” He dismisses his thoughts, the girl is afraid - that is all. He will soon pierce her. Deflower her. It is only natural that she would call to her protector. Seeking to soothe her, to pave his way to her, he gradually places himself in position as her knight, her chivalrous suitor: “My sweet, my darling, my daughter,” he speaks, using easy terms. The words find their way to his tongue, and he’s unaware that he addresses his own girl as he prepares her virgin flesh for his use.
      Her deception is complete, in the pitch darkness of her parents’ bedroom, Myrrha yields to her soul’s song. Her need for her father’s seed, his penetration, the shaft of him up to the hilt in her flesh, she is a siren, calling to him from the depths of Hell. Incest holds no horror for her; she needs only the completion of penetration. The full warm package of skin, pulsing inside her, she stays quiet lest she betrays her secret, and in her mind her words are screaming: “Father, father, my own father, take me. Take me, I am yours. Make me whole, possess me, love me. Love me, please.”
      His fingertips brush her nipples, so tender are they, so sweet; he feels their ripeness, like pippins under his touch.
      “Oh, my darling, my love. Your sweet buds…” he sighs and closes his lips on one and then the other. Beneath his ardent tongue, the girl writhes and presses against him. His erection is painful, seeping seed, but he will be patient, she is a furled flower and he will open her, one petal at a time. One at a time, unfurls, opens, turns as if to face the sun as she faces him, the centre of her universe.

Word Count: 7,991

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