Daddy's Shower Surprise


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18 year old Mandy loves long hot showers. She loves the steam and hot water and the feel of her hands caressing her soapy body.

The only thing Mandy loves more is her Daddy who she fantasizes about in the shower, her bed, and everywhere else.

One Saturday when her mother has to work, Mandy sees her daddy watching her by the pool. He heads upstairs to shower and she decides, why not join him?


      My heart pounding and my legs trembling, I went up to the bathroom door and listened to the water running. I took a deep breath; it was time to put it all on the line. I quietly opened the bathroom door, just enough to enter, closed it behind me and turned to look at the shower. The doors were frosted glass and I could see Daddy’s shadow behind them, but couldn’t make him out, which meant he couldn’t see me.
      I walked up to the edge of the doors away from the water and untied the bikini top. I let it drop to the floor, and then shimmied out of the bottom. I let my long red hair down and standing there naked, looked down at the black tie I had grabbed from Daddy’s closet.
      I swallowed nervously and reaching out, slid the door open a few inches. I was struck by a wall of steam and the smell of soap. Peering into the steam, I felt a surge of relief when I saw he was facing the water.
      I opened the door further and moving as quickly as I could, stepped into the shower. Taking a step forward, I put my hands on his shoulders.
      “Wow, you made good time!” Daddy exclaimed and began to turn.
      “Hmm-mm” I grunted and pushed hard on his shoulders.
      Fortunately he didn’t turn around, instead he laughed, “Oh, are we shy?”
      My response was to take the tie and reaching over his head, place it in front of his eyes.
      “Ohh, I like this game!” he said, as I tied it behind his head.
      Placing my hands on his shoulders, I lowered my voice as much as I could and said, “Just don’t turn around, okay?”
      “You okay, Deb? You sound funny.”
      “Shhhhh!” I hissed then stepping back began to massage his powerful shoulders.
      ‘Oh, that feels nice.” He sighed.
      Oh, yeah it did! The feeling of his hard muscles beneath his tanned skin felt damn good. Even better was the sight of his naked body. Daddy’s ass was as firm and well muscled as the rest of him and dropping my hands, I gave it a hard squeeze.
      Daddy laughed and reluctantly releasing his ass, I started rubbing his back. I pushed him gently, easing him forward, so I could get him closer to the water and reaching out, grabbed the soap. Lathering my hands, I began caressing his back, soaping him up. When his back was covered, I pressed against him and moaned softly as my hard nipples pushed into his back.
      ‘Hmmm, someone is excited.” He whispered.
      Keeping my hands on his shoulders, I moved side to side, rubbing my aching nipples across his soapy skin. I moaned again and reaching around him rubbed his chest. I gave his nipples a playful pinch, getting him to yelp, then lowering my hands, began caressing his hard flat stomach.
      My pussy was dripping and I could feel my hands trembling against his skin. I was nervous at what might happen, but excited as well. I was in the shower naked with my father and so far it felt as good as I imagined it.
      I teased my fingers across his stomach and felt him tense up against me as my hands dipped lower. I began to breath heavier when I felt his pubic hair beneath my touch and as I kept my hands there, kissed his back and shoulders.
      Daddy sighed and said softly, “Oh, that’s nice.”
      I closed my eyes and lowering my hand brushed it against his hard cock. I jumped when I felt him grab my wrist then gasped, when he placed it on his cock. I wrapped my slender fingers around it and as I gave it as squeeze, moaned. He was so hard! Not only hard, but a lot thicker than the cock of any of the boys I’d fooled around with. Daddy moaned and feeling his cock twitch in my hand, I started slowly pumping it.
      I was still kissing his back and reaching down with my other hand, I cupped his large, heavy balls and stroking them while jerking him off.
      “Oh, honey, that feels so fucking good!” Daddy moaned.
      His hips were moving back and forth, sliding his cock faster through my hand and I started pumping him faster. I was breathing through my mouth and my own hips were moving. My pussy was oozing at not just the feeling of Daddy’s hard cock in my hand, but the control I felt as I stroked him. He was moaning and totally at my mercy! I could keep playing with him and teasing, or I could jack him off hard and fast, feel his cum spurting!
      I slowed my stroking at the thought that if my father was going to blow a load it shouldn’t be against the bathroom wall!

Word Count: 9,200

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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