Wet 'n Wild


[Mother Son Sex, Incestuous Attraction, Oedipus Complex, Alpha Son, Committing Incest in Public, Marrying Mom, Seduction, Oral Sex/Blowjob, Multiple Sex Scenes with Family Members, Blonde MILF]

~Includes Bonus Story: "Why Do You Do It?"~

“Wow, Mom looks hot,” Brett thought when he saw her coming. For them, a lot changed at home. Bambi divorced his father, moved across town and started school to become a nurse. Yet, these were the start of the changes she had coming for her son. Similar to when a caterpillar disappears to become a butterfly, Brett learns when Bambi reemerged she came better than ever. Now, Mom comes Wet ’n Wild.


      Wow, Mom looks hot.
      That was my first thought and my eyes widened when my sister and Mom came up to me after graduation. With it being December, it was only 70 degrees outside and FSU held the ceremonies outdoors. When Mom gave me a hug, I started getting a chubbie. I cursed at myself, What the hell is going on here?
      Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? That’s your Mom!
      Yet I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The first thing was her hair. No longer was it a dull washed-out blond. It was a lively, luminous light blonde with highlights. She sported a new chic hairstyle that finally complimented her petiteness. Gone where those lazy waves, replaced by the flat straight hair of an A-frame bob with a part on the right side. From there, she had bangs! They hung over her forehead and cut in an uneven pixie-style punk look. The hair on the sides hung down straight before having a slight curl ending on her shoulders and wonderfully framing her face.
      “Do you like?” she asked playfully, noticing her son admiring. Her hair wasn’t the only thing different. Barbara obviously lost weight and her clothes reflected this. She was wearing a sleeveless light airy blouse that was a pinkish rose. It had a corded belt to cinch it high on the waist and a low V-neck. I saw how my mother was showing cleavage…and for the first time in my life, I realized: My mom had nice tits! My eyes drank her in. My gaze rolled over her female form. Scanning down from her enviable chest, I saw she was wearing jeans and these weren’t no mom jeans. They were snug-fitting black jeans. At first, I thought they may’ve been my sister’s but then realized they weren’t trashy or skanky enough for my sister. No, these were jeans for an adult; they rose higher than the hips and didn’t come already distressed, frayed or with holes. Instead, they molded very nicely to my mother’s lower half, which I realized had shrunk significantly. To finish the look and her transformation, she wore a pair of black open-toed pumps that had sky-high heels and a small platform lift in front. Since my mother previously never wore heels, I mistakenly assumed they belonged to my sister.
      After the graduation ceremonies, my family of three walked around the field congratulating my friends and classmates. I hung back a little from Mom and Julia to watch, and admire, both women. While it was obvious Julia was my sister, some of my classmates were surprised to discover who the petite blonde was. As I watched the women of my family, I had a thought and realized who my mother now resembled. In one of those odd lines of thinking, I always thought my sister looked like a younger Sienna West, a pornstar. They both had long raven hair and perfected the skanky look. Thinking about porn, I realized that while my mother didn’t resemble any of the twigs on TV, she did look very similar to adult film actress and definite MILF Rachel Love, although less busty and with a better caboose.
      “Doesn’t she look great?” my sister asked, noticing. I was stunned how great our mom looked. I realized I was lusting over my mother and internally cursed myself for doing so. Yet, although wrong, at that moment:
      I knew Barbara was truly the only woman I ever desired…
      …even if she happened to be my mother!
      The heart wants what the heart wants. Previously, I coveted, as the Bible says, this girl or that one. I found some girl cute or a different one attractive. But all of those were short-lived; often immediately upon coming upon my conquest. Conversely, at that moment, a fire had been lit that wasn’t going to go out, a flame that couldn’t be extinguished. A torch was lit where I saw no other woman but her. She was the woman I hungered for. I felt guilty she was my mother but couldn’t stop wanting her. I knew it was incest and felt guilty, but its guilt was fuel to my forbidden desire.
      I must have her…

Word Count: 35,088

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