[spanking, cuckold, voyeur, mother/step-son, bondage, group sex, sex with strangers, swapping, stranger sex, anal sex, double penetration]

Seven erotic stories snuggled under one cover

Cover Her Eyes by JJ Asher: Isabel is taken and tied at her husband's request, but is satisfaction guaranteed?

Fifty Years and Counting by Jessica Black: Follow Jessica as she reignites the passion in her marriage.

Halloween Hot Trick by Erin Fraser: Is it a trick or treat for Max?

Sex In Store by Grace King: Based on a true life event, Rose takes customer service to a new level.

Professor Hardy's Hidden Fantasy by Ann Russell: Professor Richard Hardy abandons his inhibitions and frees his fantasies.

Christmas Cuckold by Secret Narrative: Young wife Natasha's challenges are Victor's pleasures and they're all hidden in a handmade Advent calendar packed with plenty of sexy surprises for everyone.

Gabby Goodie's Mouth Music by Eve London: Gabby's specialty is oral, and she's determined to use it to capture a man.

Warning: Explicit sexual content and graphic language unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.

Please note: This collection was published previously with the title ‘Valentine Variety.’ All are published as separate titles and the story ‘Christmas Cuckold’ is published at some distributors under the title ‘Advent Cuckold.’


      “Adam! Adam!” I called, turning the handle on the changing room door.
      “In here.”
      “Thank goodness,” I exhaled softly, anxiety abating. “What are you doing? I was scared out of my wits, why don’t you have the light on? It’s as black as pitch...I’ll just...”
      I didn’t have time to finish before hands grabbed hold of my arms from behind. Stunned, I dropped my phone and keys; they clattered to the floor as the sound of more than one person breathing heavily next to me penetrated my senses. A heady mix of aftershave and deodorant assailed my nostrils, the mixed aromas unpleasant but alluring at the same time. I tried to hold my breath.
      Someone took my bag.
      “Don’t move a muscle or turn your head, Isabel. Perfect,” said Adam. “Hold her there for the moment boys, while I have a word,” he continued, dazzling me with the sudden beam of a flashlight.
      “Remember all the times you told me that you’d like a little fun with more than one man sweetheart? Remember when we played hide and seek at home - just the two of us? Remember when I tied you to our bed and screwed you as hard and fast as you could endure? Well here’s your chance to move our sex games up to a new, and I suspect, highly satisfactory level. Do you want to play?” he asked, his voice, at first, coming from the other side of the room, although I could hear him approaching.
      “My god! You must be mad,” I exclaimed, but in spite of my protest, I felt moist with lust as I considered my options.
      My heart’s pace increased, anxiety creeping upward, sizzling my nerve endings, my breasts heaving while I tried to breathe normally, slowly, deliberately in and out. Desperate neither to betray panic, nor excitement.
      The beam of light extinguished; my eyes adjusted, teeth tugging my bottom lip. If Adam could see me properly, he would know exactly how I felt.

Word Count: 35,000

  • Manufactured by: Secret Narrative

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