Something Big Is Coming


[Mother Son, Father Daughter, Brother Sister, Grandson, Well-Endowed, Big Cock, Pregnancy, Family Sex, Incest, Daddy]

Does size matter? Is bigger better? Is incest best? In this massive 4-volume series: son and mother, father and daughter, brother and sister discover if the family that plays together stays together. What if Mom is also your sister and Dad is your grandfather? And what happens when the girls in your family are going to have your baby? In the Johnson family of Dick, Peter, Cookie, and Kitty, “Something Big is Coming.” Now, bigger than ever!


      “Oh my God, Kitty…” Cookie gasped. Peter’s mom and her mom, with eager need, pulled his shirt up and off. He loved the feel of his girls working together to unbutton his jeans. Pushing them and his boxers down, they freed his cock; and Peter knew his grandmother was stunned to see his Johnson.
      “…you told me he was huge but I didn’t imagine he was this massive,” she said amazed. She thought Kitty might have been exaggerating about how big Peter’s cock was but now she saw her daughter wasn’t. Her grandson’s cock was staggering. He was a giant! Kitty was proud her mom was impressed by Peter’s big dick. She liked how Cookie was frightened by her son’s huge cock.
      “God Kitty, how can you handle something that big?” Cookie asked astonished. Before Peter, the biggest cock she ever saw was Dick’s, which she knew was almost a foot long and as thick as her wrist. When she fucked Dick, she felt stuffed to the max.
      “Peter’s cockhead is the size of a ripe crabapple, his rod is at least two an’ a half of my hands and he’s as fat as my foreman,” his grandmother marveled. He liked that Cookie was intimidated by his cock’s mass; he was angered by her fear of her grandson’s giant dick.
      “Let’s show her,” Peter lustfully growled. He knew Kitty was built to enjoy his big dick. He commandingly pushed his mom down onto the bed and crawled over her. Climbing over her lush, loving body, he kissed her fervently. Gazing at her beauty, he felt his incestuous desire burn. To Peter the greatest thing in life was being with Kitty, having sex with his sister, fucking his mom. The idea that he was about to in front of his father and grandmother was almost overwhelming. He wanted to put on a command performance. He wanted to show Dick and Cookie what a great teacher his mom was. He wanted to show them all.
      “Guide me home,” he ordered Cookie. Peter mounted his mom; Cookie excitedly crawled over and lay alongside them. He lifted his hips high. Seeing him looming over her daughter, Cookie thought he resembled a horse with his massive cock hanging there.
      God, I wonder how it feels to be mounted by such a stallion, she dazedly pondered. Grasping him, she couldn’t wrap her hand around his thick meat and he was so hard she had trouble pulling him down towards Kitty’s pussy. Finally, aligning her grandson’s cock to her daughter’s pussylips, she watched in awe as he penetrated his mom. Kitty reached out to kiss her. She pushed her lips to Kitty’s, feeling both their bodies tremble as Peter’s cock slowly slid inside Kitty.
      “Oh God Mommy, he feels so good,” Kitty softly moaned. Cookie watched with envy as her daughter’s pussy stretched wide to handle Peter fat cock. Peter slowly penetrated his mom’s pussy, loving its familiar softness. He loved how wet she already was. He could feel Cookie’s hand still between them rubbing her grandson’s cock and her daughter’s pussy. As he watched Kitty and Cookie kiss, he knew his mom was ready and what she wanted. Peter lifted his hips, withdrawing from her pussy until he felt his cockhead stretch her pussylips wide. With a grunt, he drove down hard. He slammed his cock into her.
      “Fuck,” Kitty lustfully grunted. Peter drove his cock into her and her body shook with passion. Mother and son grunted with a savage, primal passion. He repeatedly rammed his full length into his mom’s wanting pussy. Kitty moaned with pleasure as her son fucked her. Peter groaned with desire as he fucked his mom.
      Cookie eagerly, shamelessly, fingered her pussy; she decadently watched mother and son joyously fucking. Her daughter and grandson were fucking each other, next to her, with her touching them, with her fingering her pussy while she watched Peter and Kitty fuck. Her free hand cupped Peter’s heavy sac, enjoying their feel as he bucked up an’ down, his huge cock plowing into Kitty’s pussy. Cookie watched in lustful awe as brother and sister fervently fucked each other without restraint. She watched her grandson pound his horse-size cock into her daughter, and loved seeing it happen.
      “Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me good.”

Word Count: 35,344

  • Manufactured by: Dinkleberry

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