The Sorcerer's Conquest


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      After eight years away studying to become a Sorcerer, Rakeem returns to the quiet farm house he grew up in to be reunited with his mother and sister. The ten-year-old sister he knew has been replaced by a beautiful eighteen-year-old woman and though sorcerer's lead a life of celibacy, Rakeem's will is weakened by her beauty and willingness. Once he satiates his awakening sexual appetite with his sister's flesh, Rakeem broadens his horizons, seeking more women to explore. He soon sets his sights on Kitwana, his sister's childhood friend, and then Mersiha…his mother. Rakeem's sexual appetite completely consumes him, both destroying and enhancing the lives of every woman he touches. His family become his willing slaves and through mind-control and forced impregnation Rakeem ensures his powers will never fade and despite breaking Sorcerer laws he will never be caught.


      Eight years, two weeks and three days after Rakeem left the savannah city of Kamantra as a gangly teenager, he returned—not just as a man, but as a Sorcerer. His elite apprenticeship had been taxing both mentally and physically, but, unlike most of his peers, Rakeem had persevered and earned the prestigious title of Sorcerer. Now, finally, he was able to return to his family in the sleepy village on the outskirts of Kamantra. The homecoming was bittersweet, for his father, who had so encouraged him to become a Sorcerer, had passed away while Rakeem was deep into his apprenticeship, never knowing if he would succeed.
      Although his father dying was a blow to Rakeem, it had cemented his desire to finish his training and become the Sorcerer and leader they had hoped for. He had, in fact, completed the ten year apprenticeship in just over eight years. It was not a Sorcerer record, but it was still quite a surprise for a common field worker's son. Rakeem was destined for great things, the masters said, and they were sad to see him leave the Great City to return to his sleepy, small home town.
      They had warned him to be careful; not to let the common people corrupt his magic with their petty, selfish ways, but Rakeem was confident in his skills and demeanor.
      Perhaps, someday, he would go and do those great things, but now he had a mother he hadn't seen in eight years, and sisters who probably barely remember him. He was eager to return.
      The memories washed over him as he climbed the hill to his mother's house. It seemed only yesterday he had run down this hill with his father, laughing, or toiled in the fields to harvest enough produce to take into market with his mother. Although many things had changed, much of it had stayed the same.
      He had certainly changed more than the house, which still stood at the top of the hill, it's sandstone face looking no more worn for the wear despite the years he'd been away.
      To his surprise, there was an attractive woman standing in the open doorway. For a moment, he drew up short. It had also been eight years, two weeks and three days since he had see a woman. There were certainly female Sorcerers, but they were separated during training, in order to focus the students on magic and not the distraction of earthly pleasures. There were strong Sorcerer Laws about mixing magic and pleasurable recreation. When he had left as a young man, denouncing self-pleasure and procreation with women had not bothered Rakeem at all. Indeed, he had rarely thought of them during his years of training.
      Only now, upon seeing the beautiful woman in the doorway of his childhood house watching him, did he feel a strange stirring in his veins. She was not overly tall; her skin was tanned golden-brown from working in the sun and her long black hair hung unbound to her waist, shining in the sun. Her breasts were, in Rakeem's humble opinion, the perfect place between medium and large, and were exactly complimented by her equally perfectly filled out hips and round posterior. Her dark eyes smiled as she watched him, her soft lips curving up into a smile.
      Rakeem swallowed down his nervousness. “Hello there!” he called, not sure what else to say. “Is the lady Mersiha home?”
      The woman laughed. “She will be soon, silly! Don't you recognize me?”
      Rakeem blinked, refocusing on the woman. Suddenly, his mouth dropped. “Fareess? Is it my little sister, Fareess!?” He blinked several times, reprocessing the beautiful woman before him back down into the not yet ten-year-old he remembered. “You've gotten so big!”
      “Not so little anymore, huh, big brother?” Fareess embraced him once he neared. Rakeem was hit suddenly with her scent, which was utterly unlike any smell he had encountered during his apprenticeship. It was his little sister, in her late teens now, but he could not help but drink in her feminine aroma, and delight in the feel of her soft breasts pressed into his skin. “Not at all. Let me look at you.” He took the opportunity to touch her, delighting in the feel of her soft skin under his hands. She was extraordinarily beautiful, and his cock, which had made no such movements for eight years, suddenly gave a twitch of interest. “Seventeen are you, now?”
      “Eighteen,” she said with a playful swat. “How could you forget?”

Word Count: 23,500

  • Manufactured by: Daniel Kay

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