A Mother's Love From Beyond


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Happy Halloween, Laura Lovecraft Style!

After losing his father at the age of 18 Trevor and his mother Jasmine became very close. Although very attractive Jasmine stayed alone saying no man could be as good to her as Trevor's father.

As time wore on Trevor began to think he could be that man and realized he was in love with his mother. He yearned to tell her and swore he would, but could never go through with it. Then Halloween came and on her way home from a party Jasmine was killed in a car accident.

Now it’s a year later and Trevor is alone. His loneliness is by choice however, as his cute friend Amber has more than declared her interest in him. But Trevor can’t stop thinking of his mother and how he had never confessed his feeling for her.

On Halloween Amber, a self proclaimed medium, invites Trevor to her place for a séance to channel Jasmine so Trevor can say good bye to her. To his amazement, she succeeds and he finds himself staring into his mother's eyes as Amber speaks in Jasmine's voice. Taking advantage of his chance Trevor tells Jasmine how he feels about her.

That's when he receives his second shock of the night. Jasmine felt the same way and could never bring herself to tell him. Now on All Hallows eve, Jasmine, using Amber's hot young body, is going to show her son just how she really felt about him.


      I was naked and as I leaned down, Mom put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me down to her soft lips. I kissed her gently and looking into her emerald gaze whispered, “I…I love you mom.”
      “I love you to,” she replied.
      “I…I miss you so much Mom, I….”
      “And I miss you too, my baby.”
      My eyes jerked open as I swore those words had come from outside of my mind. In front of me Amber was sweating heavily, her dark hair starting to stick to the sides of her face. Her chest was heaving and her skin was flushed from the heat. Her entire body was trembling and becoming worried I shook the ball in her hands.
      “Hmm-mm” she shook her head.
      “Amber!” I snapped, “Are you…”
      I stopped in mid sentence as she gasped and her eyes snapped open.
      “What the fuck!” I exclaimed, flinching back.
      Amber’s eyes were green.
      “Now is that anyway to greet your mother?”
      “Oh my god.” I whispered; that voice! It sounded just like…
      “It is me honey.” Amber said in mom’s voice.
      She smiled at me and my eyes widened as it wasn’t Amber’s smile, her lips seemed to spread wide and slightly higher on the left. Mom’s crooked smile.
      “M…mom?” I asked.
      “In the flesh!” she exclaimed and letting the ball go, spread her arms out.
      I caught the ball before it rolled off the couch and put it up on top of the couch. As I did, Mom brought her hands down and began rubbing them up and down her chest.
      “And some young flesh at that.” She purred as her hands lingered on her, or more accurately, Amber’s tits.
      She gave them a squeeze and laughed, “Ah, youth! These would stand up without a bra!”
      “Mom, are you…how...how do you feel?” I asked, feeling like an idiot, but not knowing what else to say.
      “Hmmm,” taking her hand she put them on Amber’s thighs and began caressing them, “I feel….twenty years younger!”
      She began laughing and my heart leaped! Up until just now a part of me had thought this was a trick, Amber somehow screwing with me, maybe slipping in contacts when I had my eyes closed, but that laugh! This really was mom!
      “Of course it is baby,” she again gave me that endearing smile, “Your little girlfriend Amber has quite the gift!” she looked down and whistled, “And quite the figure!” looking up she pointed at me, “Trevor why aren’t you with this girl?”
      “No I…oh, mom!”
      I practically through myself forward and wrapped my arms around…mom! To me this wasn’t Amber anymore, but the woman who I’d longed to hold every day for the last year.
      “Oh, god I missed you!” I sobbed into her neck.
      Mom hugged me back and I could feel her tears on my neck. “I… I missed you too baby! We never had a chance to say good bye!”
      “I love you mom!” I told her.
      Mom took my face in her hands and pushing my head back from her neck looked me in the eye and whispered, “I love you too Trevor, with all my heart.”
      Leaning in she kissed my cheek softly and with a sigh, sat back.
      “I…I don’t have a lot of time honey. I’m going to tell you two things, that I’m at peace, and that I want you to be happy honey, no more pining over me. When you called to me, I know it was because you have things you need to tell me and I’m here to hear them.”
      “I…I just miss you mom!” I said, fighting back the sob threatening to explode from my throat. “I…I don’t feel like it’s fair that…”
      “Stop.” Mom said, putting her finger to my lips. “I felt the same way when your dad died. I pined and felt guilty when I thought of being happy. I…I could have been happy Trevor and should have been, but I never told them how I felt and…” she trailed off, looking sad for the first time, “And then it was too late, don’t make that mistake baby. I did what I could to take care of you, but now take care of yourself, be happy.”
      I nodded and when she didn’t speak realized she was waiting for me to speak. I felt my heart began to beat faster. This was it; this was the second chance I never thought I would get.
      “Mom, I…I need to tell you something.”
      Reaching out, Mom took my hands and pacing them on her thighs, put her hands over them.
      “That’s why I’m here honey, you can tell me anything.”
      I paused at the feeling of her soft firm skin under my palms, and then took a deep breath. My lungs filled with the scent of her perfume and looking into her eyes I felt overwhelmed with emotion and without the hesitation that had plagued me when she was alive, I said firmly, “Mom, I love you.”
      “I know you do baby, I love you too.” She smiled.
      “No,” I shook my head, “I…I mean I…I was in love with you.”
      “And I said I know baby,” squeezing my hands she said softly, “I was in love you too Trevor.”
      “No, I…” I paused as her words sank in. “You…you knew?”
      “I knew I was in love with you, yes.” She nodded, “But I didn’t know you felt the same way.”
      “Mom, I…” I began, but she continued with a faraway look in her amazing emerald eyes.
      “I was more than just in love with you Trevor, I desired you. I wanted you so badly. I never thought anyone could be as good to me as your father was, but you were in any way I let you.” She sighed and holding my hands began to rub them along the length of her warm thigh. “And oh, honey what I would have let you do!”
      Those last words had come out in what could only be described as a moan and to my astonishment I felt my cock begin to stir between my legs...

Word Count: 14,580

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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