Wishing On A Leprechaun


[erotica, incest, brother-sister sex, Ireland, the Burren, orphans, virgin, first-time sex, outdoor sex, anal sex, hardcore sex]

They’d been planning this vacation to Ireland for years—and not even the tragic death of their parents would stop them from going. But Bishop and Maggie were about to discover a whole lot more than mystical rainbows and fairies when they stumbled upon a quaint little “leprechaun’s house,” and their entire lives changed...for the better!


      If only he could find a willing girl to ease his growing sexual tension! It had started when he’d moved back home so Maggie wouldn’t be alone, and every day it seemed to grow stronger. Now he was living in a perpetual state of arousal that made his palms sweat and his entire body pulse with desperate longing.
      Teenage boys were supposed to be horny; wasn’t that a law of nature? Back in the States, he’d been able to solve the problem by vigorously whacking off, and he’d done it more and more frequently since they’d started sleeping together in Maggie’s narrow bed.
      But he couldn’t very well yank out his cock right in front of her, could he? And it was so hard and aching right now that he was going crazy!
      Not for Maggie. Never for Maggie. Cynthia had been wrong! Jealousy had made her say things she couldn’t possibly mean!
      Again, just to reassure himself, he envisioned sliding Maggie’s blouse off, and cupping her pert breasts in his big hands. The very idea was repellant...
      Wasn’t it?
      Heat surged through his cock like lightning, and he nearly groaned in agony. No, damn it, no! Not for Maggie! Never for Maggie!
      And yet...
      She was eyeing him curiously across the fire. “You okay, Bishop?”
      He didn’t dare speak, for fear that his voice would crack like a prepubescent boy’s. Cautiously he risked a nod.
      “Tired? I know I am!” Her teeth flashed white before she chewed indecisively on her bottom lip. It was a new habit she’d developed, and he found his gaze riveted on her soft mouth.
      Why hadn’t he ever realized before how gorgeous his sister was? She was small, yes...petite like a young child. But her graceful body was developing in all the right places, swelling into curves that were womanly and...tempting. God, how tempting!
      Unbidden, his rigid cock began to rise and fall within the tight confines of his worn jeans. Bishop nearly groaned again.
      Maggie tossed her head, and her long mahogany hair whipped over her shoulders in a silky waterfall. What would it feel like beneath his searching fingers? Would she let him ease off her clothes, and taste and explore the secret, forbidden treasures of her youthful virgin body?
      God, what was he thinking? Maggie was his little sister! And she’d be horrified by the lustful thoughts echoing through his stunned brain!
      It was all Cynthia’s fault. She’d planted the idea in his head. He never would have imagined such wicked things if she hadn’t practically accused him of…
      What? Lusting after his sister? Aching to fuck her senseless?

Word Count: 7,300

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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