Broken #2 - Sins of the Past


[Incest, Brother sister incest, brother sister sex, rough sex, incest romance, brother sister romance, taboo erotica, incest erotica]

      It's 1989 and for Megan and her younger brother Mark, things couldn't be better. After being separated for twelve years they have been reunited in a loving home. At 20 and eighteen, both are beautiful, talented, working and attending college. Mark even has a perfect girlfriend, his high school sweetheart Krissy. Things really couldn't be better.
      But the sins of the past continue to shape the present, as both Mark and Megan begin to succumb to their inner demons. For Megan its inability to be comfortable with men; due to the abuse she endured as a child, she cannot sleep with a man other than her brother.
      Although she said they were not for all the time, Megan has been spending more and more time in her brother's bed. But Mark has a girlfriend and in order to try to overcome her fears, Megan begins to drink in an effort to relax. Soon she cannot even sleep without a drink.
      For Mark, it is more subtle. A disciple of the occult, Mark is tired of man's rules and the hand he was dealt. For Mark life is about taking what he wants, and nothing else matters. As he gives into his inner darkness he has begun to change. Not only is he becoming violent, but he is beginning to get rough in bed, and Krissy has had enough.
      On a road trip to visit her uncle, Megan and Mark learn a lot about each other. How close they really are and how badly one needs the other to survive. Megan also discovers its not just Mark that likes things rough. After getting caught in bed together, Megan and Mark face separation again.
      As it appears that her father is determined to throw her brother out, Megan realizes just how badly she needs him. Even though it means lying and tricking the very people who saved her life, and love her as their own, Megan will do what she has to. Anything it takes to keep her brother in her life, and her bed.


      I rolled over and kissed him, gently at first, then harder. Mark rolled over to face me and wrapping his arms around me, started kissing my neck and shoulders. We laid there just touching and kissing, enjoying how good we felt together. I pulled away and propping myself up, looked down into his eyes which once again were my favorite shade of green. He smiled sweetly at me and leaning up, kissed me again. The way he did it made me think about how he was with Krissy that night. So sweet, so caring, so loving. No one had ever been that way with me. I become emotional.
      “Hey Mark?” I asked, as he once again started kissing my neck.
      “Yeah sis?” He asked as he slid his tongue down between my breasts. I was thrilled to see he was hard again, because I so needed him right now.
      “Can I ask you something?”
      I reached down and placing my hand under his chin, lifted his face up to mine.
      “Would you...” I hesitated. “Would you be...sweet to me?”
      “What do you mean?”
      “You know like you are with Krissy.” I was aware that it came out as Krishhy, but didn’t care.
      “I well...” Before he could finish, I put my head down and said; “No one’s ever sweet to me. They just want to fuck me.” I put my head on his shoulder.
      “I’m sorry sis, I...”
      “Even you.” I told him interrupting again. “You’re always just fucking me.”
      “Because that’s what you want sis.” He pointed out.
      I looked at him, and pouted. “Well now I want you to be sweet, will you? Will you be nice to your nasty girl?”

Word Count: 87,600

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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