Mom Loves To Suck!


[mother-son incest, incest, mother-son sex, taboo erotica, incest fantasy, oral sex, mother, son]

Sean's frustrated because his girlfriend Kelly won't use her mouth, ever. Looking for advice, Sean tells his mom about what's going on and finds out she's in the same boat, because his dad won't go down on her. To his surprise, mom comes up with an idea that will make them both happy; they can be suck buddies! Better yet, mom promises to go first and show her son just how much she loves to suck!


      She stood up and leaning over gave me a kiss on the cheek, “I’m sorry I put you in a bad spot.”
      “It...its okay.”
      “It’s a shame because when I thought about I was sooo wet! I even got myself off so when you went down on me I wouldn’t cum so quick.” She sighed in my ear, “I was surprised how hard I came to the thought of my son’s tongue.”
      “Mom, you said...”
      “You jerked off too, didn’t you?” she asked, “Came in here and stroked it to mommy’s tits?”
      “!” I lied.
      “That’s okay, you’re young. Hmmm I bet I could get you to cum for me four or five times in a night, I would just have to work hard for it.”
      “Mom please; go to bed.” I begged, almost whining as the throbbing in my cock had spread to an ache in my balls. She was right; I’d spanked it four hours ago and felt as if I’d had no relief at all.
      “I will. It was just so hot! The idea of a mother doing that for her son, giving him what he needs; sinking to her knees, looking up into his eyes as she takes his young hard cock into her experienced mouth.”
      She released another long sigh in my ear and I closed my eyes letting the images her words conjured flow into my mind.
      “Teasing him, running her tongue along his hard flesh; sucking his balls into her mouth, making him whimper and tremble. She’d take him between her lips, sucking him deep into his mother’s hot mouth. He would be moaning the word mom in a way he never had before. She’d look him in the eye as she moved her head, sliding his hard dick between her soft lips, moving faster and faster, feeling his legs trembling. He’d pull her hair and then whimper and explode, filling his mother’s mouth with his sweet young cum. She’d moan at the taste of him and suck every drop from him, drain that beautiful cock.”
      “Oh my fucking god.” I whispered, my entire body was trembling now, She sounded like a goddamn web cam girl and again in the back of my head I wondered what was wrong with my fucking father.
      “Then he would be good to her wouldn’t he?” Mom went on, “She’d sit back and open her legs and watch her son’s beautiful face between her thighs. Hmmm...imagine that, a son giving his mother the most intimate of kisses. A son inhaling his mother’s scent; tasting her, licking and sucking her soft wet flesh and her swollen clit making his mother cry his name as a lover, not a son.”
      I jumped when mom touched my cheek and turned my head to face her. She gave me a soft kiss on the lips that caused my cock to jump between my legs. She kissed me a second time and this time lingered. I whimpered and tried to move my head, but she kept her hand pressed to my cheek. Her full soft lips caressed mine and I gave in and kissed her back. Mom sighed in her throat and pressed her lips harder to mine.
      I gasped when her other hand grabbed my wrist and quickly moving my hand grabbed my cock through the sheet. She squeezed it and removing her lips from mine whispered, “Oh, honey you are so hard for me.”

Word Count: 19,800

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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