Little Treasures #1 - Little Love


[BBW, romance, paranormal, older woman, younger man, milf, anthology, fantasy, succubus]

As a young student living on his own, Tristan finds juggling work, school and his personal life difficult to manage. That is until he meets Lilith--a sultry, confident bombshell who finds herself immediately taken with him.

Lilith is twice his age.

Now Tristan must choose whether her doting affections will be enough to gain his trust, or if he should escape her grasp before his body makes the decision for him...


      The air was heavy, thick, suffocating; it was so hard to breathe. Tristan struggled to open his eyes, a feat that seemed absolutely impossible.
      “Ah, my little love is awake.” That voice. Somewhere far off in his memory that voice sounded familiar. The mere sound of it stroked his every nerve in a way that physical contact could not. Her voice was like silk. Like chocolate. Like sex.
      “Nnnng...” The only sound Tristan could manage was a moan. As his awareness increased, the feeling of satin brushing against his bare skin brought a hundred questions to his mind. But at the forefront of them all, where was he?
      “Don’t move too quickly, we have all the time in the world.” She laughed beneath her breath. That laugh promised deeds too vulgar to fathom.
      “Where...?” Tristan began again before her soft fingertips touched his lips.
      “Hush now, you’ve nothing to worry about.” There was the sound of fabric shifting, and then a weight resting beside him. “You’re safe with me.”
      Tristan’s vision cleared and the first thing he noticed were the sheer, red sheets of material that enclosed them within a great canopy bed. He carefully turned his head, and there she was.
      “Why hello there.” Her smile was a perfect blend of ivory and mischief, surrounded by luscious pink lips and blushing cheeks. The sparkling emeralds that were her eyes measured him greedily-- hungering for him in ways that brought color to his cheeks. Locks of thick, auburn hair cascaded to her shoulders, flipping into unpredictable curls at the ends.
      “Lilith,” Tristan rasped. Sporadic events of their previous meeting fell into place. “How did I...?”
      “Shhh,” She gently bit his ear, her tongue tracing the creases. Her breath was warm and her tongue on fire; it was almost too much to bear. His hands wandered, finding her luscious, naked breasts lying against the satin. “You shouldn’t be so eager so soon.”
      Her skin was pale as moonlight and as soft as the satin that surrounded them. Her bosom weighed heavily against the palms of his hands, and her nipples had already hardened. Tristan moved his face toward them, unthinking, but she tugged on his short blonde hair, pulling him away from his desire.
      “You need to rest, little one.”
      He ran his hands down the taut curve of her stomach, tracing her wide hips with his fingertips. She was beautiful, desirable, absolutely intoxicating.
      Lilith was twice his age.
      And he wanted nothing more than for her to force his face in between those great breasts.
      It was still difficult to breathe. The air was cloyingly heavy, choking him with every gasp. Yet, it didn’t seem to affect her in any way. A thin layer of sweat covered his vulnerable body while Lilith’s skin remained perfectly dry.
      “It’ll be a while yet before you feel better.” She purred, running her long fingers through his hair. The points of her perfectly manicured nails brushed against his scalp, and he shivered despite the heat.
      “What did you do to me?” He finally managed, but wasn’t sure if he cared.
      “I only brought you here so you could recover.” The smirk decorating her lips said that this was her plan from the beginning. “We’ll have plenty of time together later.”
      Her fingers danced across his cheek and down to his throat. Another shiver ran its course through his body before his eyes drooped heavily once more.
      “Sleep, little love. I’ll be here when you wake.”
      And so he did.

Word Count: 5,800

  • Manufactured by: Catherine LaCroix

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