[Mother Son Incest, Incest Erotica, MILF, Public Sex, Mother Son Sex, Rock ’n Roll, Long Island, Anal Sex, Romantic Interest, Older Woman/Younger Man]

Sex, Love, and Rock ‘n Roll. The Eighties were great, weren’t they? Set on Long Island, during those glory days, Homecoming is the gripping story of a hidden love between Scott and his mother. Their passion smoldered under the surface for years, getting hotter and hotter. Their burning lust can no longer denied. Once released, their illicit union consumes them. Their lives forever changed.

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      It was a typical Long Island summer day. One of those bright, warm summer days that demand you be at the beach. My sister, Mom and I headed off for some fun an’ sun at Jones Beach. At the beach, Mom and I had fun playing volleyball and Nerf football with all the others. Even though I was 20, Joan at only 36 was still quite youthful and spirited. As we played Nerf football, I loved getting the opportunities to tackle her in her black bikini. While Mom and I played, my sister sat under an umbrella all day reading a book. When Mom asked her to rub sunscreen lotion on her, Danielle whined, “Maaaawhhmm.”
      Joan handed me the bottle of sunscreen. Mom knew she didn’t have to ask as she laid out on her beach towel. With her lying on her front, she presented her tempting back to me. When she swept her long raven-black hair to the side with her hand, I admired the view. Her upper back was a soft supple canvas of white with the black string of her bikini top creating a horizon. Below, her lower back gently flowed to her hips. With her trim figure, Mom’s hips flared only enough to heighten her femininity. Her black bikini bottom did a magnificent of forming to, and showcased her tight lil tiny hiney.
      “God, that feels good,” Mom purred. I gladly straddled her and started to rub lotion on her back. She surprised me when she reached behind herself and untied the straps to her top; but I wasn’t gonna comment, or complain! Working my way down her back, I kept going further and further down without anyone saying anything. My sister seemed to be completely ignoring us even as I shifted Mom’s bikini bottom down to the point the tip of her ass crack was showing. Feeling I dared go as far as I could, I started at the other end working my way up.
      Starting at her ankles, I started rubbing lotion and massaging Joan’s legs. When I reached her calves, Mom reached over to grab her own book. After resettling, she spread her legs open for me. As if ignoring me, she simply started reading. Okay, I thought and resumed my journey up her magnificent sleek legs, rubbing sunscreen onto her silky smooth skin. From my years working at her spa, I knew Mom must have just gotten her legs waxed very recently. I kept going up further an’ further and also reaching deeper an’ deeper into her soft, velvety inner thighs. No one said anything. Emboldened, I kept going.
      “Mmm,” Mom softly sighed. I was all the way at the top of her thighs and the only place left to go was her butt. I poured some lotion on my hands and started rubbing her butt and she said nothing. I kept rubbing her ass and she said nothing. I kept rubbing her purty lil hiney and she was quiet. Then my hands were actually underneath her bikini bottom caressing her cheeks and she was silent.
      I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it! Here I was, at Jones Beach, rubbing an’ massaging my mom’s ass with my sister a few feet away and a few thousand people surrounding us. Yet no one seemed to be paying any attention at all. If I moved my finger a fraction of an inch I would’ve been rubbing her, there! Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore…

Word Count: 22,172

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