His Mother's Champion


[Mother Son Sex, Incestuous Attraction, Oedipus Complex, Alpha Son, Committing Incest in Public, Squirting, Sex Toys, Phone Sex, Oral Sex, Uber MILF]

Mother-Son love is a volatile dangerous combustion that burns red-hot. When incestuous desire becomes action, it changes the world. "What would you have done?" Brand asks after he discovers his father cheating on Brand’s true love: Stephania, his mother. When his mom sees Brand defend her honor, she knows her son feels the taboo lusts she has. Stephania knows who will be His Mother’s Champion.


      "…Then today is your lucky day," Mom promised. Catching me off-guard, she pushed me up against the other wall. My back slammed against the wall, the Huntress was upon me.
      "Because today, I am gonna fuck the daylights outta ya," she warned in a breathless voice. Her body pressed to mine, the Über MILF was on me. She grinded herself upon me; Steph rubbed herself up an’ down her son, not caring we were in the hallway of our family home.
      "What do you think of that?" Steph taunted. She didn’t wait for the unneeded answer. The hard cock she was dry-humping herself upon told my mother what she wanted to know. She mashed her lips against mine and her tongue was in my mouth. I could taste the flavor of her lip-gloss; it was some kind of berry-ish/watermelon flavor as if a Jolly Rancher.
      "Whoa!" Stephania squealed. I reached beneath her lovely ass-cheeks. Using her ass for leverage, I lifted her onto me. In a single motion, peeling myself off the wall, Mom wrapped her legs around my hips and her arms around my neck. Kissing me, experienced she made ready for my quick dash to her bedroom.
      "Woo…" she shrieked. After the five quick steps down the hallway, I was at the master bedroom. Racing, I took the four more needed strides. With her slick ultra-smooth leggings, we felt my grip loosen. I slammed/dropped Stephania onto her bed, with me crashing atop of my mother. We cared not who heard what we were doing.
      "Woo," Mom laughed. Her bedroom door open, we kissed with unbridled lust, not bothered we were only two-thirds of the way onto the bed. Her legs, mid-thigh dangled off the edge. My hips were sorta-kinda on the edge of my mother’s bed, but I cared not. The Sins of the Son are forever coming…in an instant, my tongue was in her hungering mouth. She feverishly tugged at my T-shirt. When it began to bunch-up at my shoulders, we ended our kiss. Mom pulled my shirt over my head, undressing her son.
      "Get those off," my mother ordered. I knew she meant my jeans and the boxers beneath. Frantic, unbuckling my jeans I was silently grateful loose-fit jeans were in-style. In rapid succession, after loosening my belt and popping the top snap I didn’t have to bother with the zipper. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers.
      "Something Big Is Coming," Stephania announced proud of her prodigy.

Word Count: 37,233

  • Manufactured by: Dinkleberry

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