Finish What You Started


[mother-son incest, incest erotica, mom, mother/son, erotic massage, seduction, romantic incest, older woman/younger man, milf]

How do you go about seducing your Mom? We all remember this lesson, “You only get one shot… This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.” Like most sons, Marty more than loves his mother. He is in love with her. Dubious of many erotica stories, Marty discovers a hands-on method he is confident will allow him to become more than her son. Rewritten, with double the length and three times the sex, you’ll want to Finish What You Started!


      “Oh god, I love the way you touch me,” she purred. “I feel like putty beneath your hands and you can do anything you want with me.” I just started massaging her shoulders and her words already had my cock hard as steel.
      “Oh Marty, you are so good. I’ve wanted this for so long,” she sighed as I touched her hot flesh. Tenderly, I worked her neck.
      “That’s it, give it, do me good,” she said. I drew a long line of oil down the length of her spine. My mind was spinning. Yet again I wondered, Does she know what affect her words have on her son? She can’t, can she? Lust raged through my veins.
      Rubbing the middle of her back, I had to stay away from her sides. I feared if my wandering fingers got too close to the exposed swell of her flattened breasts, tonight I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. As I struggled to control my urges, part of me wanted to fight it, part of me wanted to submit.
      “Oh that’s it, that’s it, right there,” Mom moaned. My thumbs pressed deep into her spinal muscles. Hovering over her, every time my boxers rubbed along my cockhead, I feared I was going to have a messy situation.
      “Oh that’s the spot, right there. Oh Marty, that’s it,” she sang. I rubbed the very lowest part of her back, the spot exposed by my earlier lowering her panties. “God, you doing that makes me realize how sore my ass is.”
      “That’s all right, I’ll loosen you up,” I boldly promised as I worked on her hips. While I did this, I tried to nonchalantly push her panties further down. Mom said nothing when I reached the swell of her hips. Pinching the sides of her panties, I began pulling them over her hips.
      “What are you doing?” she wondered quizzically, but lacked a scolding tone. Mom sounded more curious at what her son was doing than upset he was trying to undress his mom.
      “What?” I answered. “What’s the big deal? It’s just me and you; I mean, so what?” I tried to say in my most casual voice. I knew this was my point-of-no-return. In my room, I practiced saying this so many times I hoped it sounded like a casual, natural, off-handed thing. I hoped she wouldn’t hear the extreme nervousness I felt attempting to perform this risky maneuver.
      Blessedly, she silently agreed. She lifted her hips just the littlest bit I needed to pull her panties over the swell of her hips. Once her panties cleared her hips and ass, in a smooth, efficient motion I continued to pull them all the way down. She assisted silently shifting to let her panties slip down her legs. Then they slipped off her feet. I marveled at the sight of my mom’s panties, which now were in my hands instead of on her!

Word Count: 30,426

  • Manufactured by: Dinkleberry

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