Angel Falls Library Files #1 - 3 - The Beginnings Collection


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Paige Turner is the keeper of The Angel Falls Library Files, a journal of incestuous secrets.

The first entry focuses on Paige's own sexual awakening, guided by the loving hand of her father and the watchful eye of her mother. Together, all three try to navigate through the forbidden intimacies that begin to form, paving the way toward further exploration of taboo desires that simmer in each.

The second entry focuses on the ever-increasing intimacy between Paige and her father. To Paige's dismay, she discovers that there are certain lines her father refuses to cross. Meanwhile, Paige meets Natalie, who harbors forbidden fantasies about her own father. They quickly blossom from friends to lovers as they confide in each other their secret desires.

In the third entry, Paige steers Natalie in the direction of having her ultimate incestuous fantasies and desires fulfilled. In the meantime, Paige gains an unexpected ally in her attempts at fulfilling her own incestuous cravings: Her mother!


      Peeking in, he once again saw his daughter laying on her bed, her hand manipulating her pussy underneath her panties. Her other hand was massaging her breast, only this time she was without her t-shirt, giving him a clear view of her breasts. He felt excitement start to well up inside his stomach, his cock starting to swell in reaction to the sight.
      He stepped lightly over to his bedroom door, slowly and quietly prying it open enough to see that his wife was indeed fast asleep on their bed. He tiptoed back to Paige's door, rubbing lightly against the bulge in his pants as he stood and watched. For a couple of moments Paige was unaware of his presence, wrapped up in her own pleasure, spurred on by thoughts of her father watching her.
      Eventually she opened her eyes just wide enough to see his partial figure in the crack of the doorway. She closed her eyes again immediately, the orgasm resulting from the realization that her father was indeed watching her so powerful that she involuntarily lifted her ass from the bed a couple of inches.
      She tried not to let on that she knew he was standing there for fear that the realization would cause him to quickly walk away. She lowered the hand that was on her breast down to her clit, rubbing it in furious circles as she dug the fingers of her other hand deep into her pussy, giving her father a marvelous view of his daughter treating her pussy with both hands.
      Paige coaxed her orgasms along as long as she could, trying to make the waves of pleasure linger, until they finally subsided and she laid there panting softly, her hands now resting still upon her quivering mound. Paige cracked her eyelids open just enough to see her father still lingering at the doorway, his hand still rubbing against the bulge in his pants, and she desperately wished he would take it out and let her see him stroke it.
      Instead, sensing that she had adequately relieved herself, he backed away quietly from the door. Adam considered heading back down to the downstairs bathroom to relieve his erection, but was unsure if he would be able to handle the guilt of such an act. This time around his wife would not be waiting up for him in bed to alleviate his excitement through an impromptu lovemaking session.
      He mentally tried to slap himself back to reality as he made his way back to his bedroom, stripping down to his boxers and slipping carefully under the covers, facing away from his wife to lessen any chance that she would nestle next to him and discover his still rigid cock. He tried to make thoughts of job duties diminish his arousal, but still felt a tingling linger in his semi-hard cock as he drifted off to sleep.
      Paige succeeded in satiating the desire in her still quivering pussy, but the thrill tingling her stomach and swirling through her mind still consumed her as she covered up and positioned herself onto her side. She tried to take in the exhilarating reality that her long-held fantasy of her father watching her masturbate had finally come true. Not quite openly, but her father's eyes were upon her as she not only masturbated, but had brought herself to orgasm. The thrill only made her hunger for more.

Word Count: 32,716

  • Manufactured by: Forrest Young

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