If The Door Is Open...


[erotica, threesome, taboo, bbw, masturbation, incest erotica, mother and son incest, exhibitionism and voyeurism]

When Wes And Abby discover their son Shawn has been spying on their intimate activities, they ask him why. His answer both shocks and excites them. Defying conventional boundaries, they invite Shawn to openly watch. Once they fully open the door to their bedroom, however, barriers between mother and son gradually fall by the wayside.


      Still peeking through the slightly open doorway, Shawn started stroking his cock faster as he watched his father slither himself up on top of his mother. His excitement intensified as he took in the clear view of his father's cock hovering just above his mother's glistening pussy.
      Wes grabbed his shaft and slid the head of it up and down along Abby's wet folds, then teasingly twirled it around her engorged clit. He looked down at his wife with a devilish smile. "Is this what you want?" he asked, knowing he was teasing his wife almost to the point of insanity. "Is this what you want inside of you?"
      "Oh...God yes!" she squealed, trying desperately not to scream as she clutched his ass, almost desperately trying to pull him down into her. Abby's mouth opened wide and she held her breath as she felt Wes's cock slowly glide into her all the way, as deep as he could get it, and he held it there as Abby's entire body flooded with waves of orgasmic pleasure. She gasped twice before holding her breath once again, desperately trying not to cry out in ecstasy as she felt him gradually start to thrust in and out of her.
      "God, I love making you cum like that!" Wes whispered lovingly, as he looked down at her with pure desire in his eyes.
      Abby looked up at him smiling sweetly as her orgasm subsided a bit, grabbing his head and pulling him down to kiss him passionately, their tongues mingling as waves of pleasure continued to pulsate through her. "Make love to me, baby. Make love to me!"
      Wes buried his head in the nape of Abby's neck and shoulder, moaning softly in her ear as he continued to slowly thrust his cock into her, luxuriating in the friction of her moist vagina walls against his shaft.
      Abby ran her hands up and down his back feeling his body move as she felt his cock filling her up. She looked down at his ass to watch it elevate up and down against her. Through her haze of pleasure, she caught the partial form of her son standing in the partly opened doorway. Her eyes widened in startled shock as she realized he was watching them. She could only see a portion of him, enough to tell he was shirtless, but the movement of his arm left little doubt that he was standing there stroking himself.
      Seeing his mother's eyes look directly at him, Shawn backed away from the doorway. He slunk quickly back to his room and quietly closed the door behind him. Standing there with his ear to the door, his erection still throbbing, he listened for signs of footsteps possibly heading his way. Hearing none after a few seconds, he quickly extinguished his desk lamp and jumped into his bed, covering himself in the darkness.
      His heart racing quickly, partly from excitement, partly from the fear of being caught, he pulled his sweatpants down and masturbated under the covers until he came, which didn't take long at all. He quickly grabbed some tissues from the box on his headboard and cleaned up the massive amount of cum he just shot out and laid there, his heart still pumping wildly, wondering if his parents would eventually come in and confront him.

Word Count: 23,000

  • Manufactured by: Forrest Young

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