Anywhere #3 - Seraphia


[Teen, Virgin, Slaves, Outdoor Sex, Stable Sex, White Stallion, Bestiality]

Seraphia had been sold to Prince Omar as a young child, and had lived a life of luxury as his most favored slave. She had no idea that he was only waiting for her to mature so that he could make her his lover! But her childhood playmate, Husan, wanted her just as much...and he was much closer!


      Husan cast an appraising look at his one-time playmate. Seraphia had changed over the past year, blossoming from a budding child-woman to a ravishing beauty before his very eyes. Yet she seemed so oblivious to her own allure that he knew she wasn't fully a woman yet!
      She adored Prince Omar, of course...everyone did. Their handsome Prince's charm and charisma were impossible to resist.
      But Husan suspected that her beloved Prince had plans for little Sera which didn't include one dusty stable-boy. His wild erotic parties were proof enough of his lustful desires...and Seraphia was a desert jewel too fine to ignore.
      "Do come inside where it's cooler, Sera! I have work to do, and you'll wilt if you stay out in the hot sun!"
      Sera obediently followed him into the long, darkened hallway. A white yearling stallion in the first stall nickered and nuzzled her shoulder, and she absently stroked its satiny neck.
      Husan watched her small hand lovingly caress the young stallion, and felt his chest tighten with longing. Gods above, how he wished he could coax her into stroking him that way! Beneath his dusty robes, his lean hips began to flex with instinctive yearning, and he had to choke back an insistent urge to tumble her into the nearest pile of clean hay.
      Sera seemed unaware of his erotic thoughts as she leaned against the wooden railing, and it pressed her full breasts up, emphasizing their lush shape beneath her own loose robe. "Tell me what happens at the Prince's parties, Husan!" she urged, favoring him with her most effective smile. "You won't shock me, I promise!"
      Husan wavered, and considered the prospects. Sera was old enough to understand about sex. After all, she was only a year younger than he was, and he'd known all about it for nearly four years now!
      But talking about sex, when he was already so hot and hard with desire, was sure to drive him insane! How could he possibly explain what went on at those wild parties, without losing control and forcing himself upon her?

Word Count: 3,826

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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