The Promise Papers #29 - Stolen Moments


[pseudo-incest, older man/teen girl, brother-in-law, cheating husband, virgin, hardcore sex, anal sex, seduction, romance, cuckold]

** Prequel to "Like Father, Like Son" **

Kathy had been head-over-heels in love with her older sister's husband, Elan, ever since she'd been a child. But she didn't realize that her adoration was an open secret until Kris left her alone with Elan for a whole week...and she discovered that her hungry yearning wasn't just one-sided. Who could have guessed that Elan ached to be her first lover, and teach her the joys of outrageously intense sex?


      Kathy jumped, and her heart began to hammer wildly, when Elan's long arm casually dropped around her shoulders. Kris was right--she'd been head-over-heels in love with her sister's husband ever since she'd been a young girl. Bad enough that Kris had realized it...did Elan know, too?
      Before she could pursue that troubling thought, his arm tightened in a careless hug. "Well, it's just you and me for the next week, Kat," he grinned, teasing her with his two-year-old son's babyish nickname. "What would you like to do first?"
      The blaze of color that warmed her cheeks betrayed her fanciful daydreams. Elan flashed her a quick grin, then bent over and kissed the tip of her nose. "We'll have plenty of time for anything your heart desires. But for now, I want to grab a quick swim. Join me?"
      She barely managed to choke back a strangled whimper as he tossed his shirt to one side, revealing rippling muscles and a thick mat of dark hair on his chest, then shoved his pants off and dove into the pool in nothing but his silky briefs. Sweet merciful heavens, he was so sexy!
      "Come on in, Kat!" He surfaced with a laugh, and shook water from his thick hair. "The water's great!"
      Kathy's fingers were shaking so hard that she couldn't even manage to unbutton her blouse. "I'll come in later," she managed, and sank weak-kneed onto the lounger. "You go ahead and...and..."
      The words died in her throat when he grabbed the edge of the pool and heaved himself out, then padded over to where she was sitting. Her pulse was thudding so fast that she wondered if she was about to faint.
      Carefully she kept her eyes on his, and tried to ignore how sexy he looked with water sparkling on his broad chest. More than anything, she wanted to look down, down, down...
      No, she couldn't! Elan was married to her sister. She'd cut her own heart out with a rusty hacksaw before she'd do anything to damage their happy marriage!
      "Kathy." There was something different in his voice now, a gentle understanding that made her want to crawl in a hole and die of embarrassment. "Look at me. All of me."
      Frantically she shook her head...then whimpered with helpless pleasure when he curled his fingers around her cheek and lightly stroked it. "Look at me," he said again, and slid his hand down his chest to draw her gaze with it.
      Wildfire burned in her belly as she stared at his rippling muscles, his washboard stomach, the elastic band of his water-soaked shorts...
      "All of me, Kat." His low voice was hypnotic as he moved his hand lower, then cupped it around the immense bulge in his clinging wet briefs. "Kris arranged this week for both of us." Idly he stroked his long, rigid cock, and enjoyed the glazed wonder that filled her eyes as she followed his movements with rapt fascination. "A man's body can't lie. I want you more than you could possibly imagine."
      Very slowly, so that he wouldn't panic her, he hunkered down until they were level with each other. "I want to take you into the house, and lay you on the bed, and make love to you for the entire week she's going to be gone. Is that what you want, too?"
      Her mouth moved several times, but nothing emerged.
      Smiling, he eased closer, then brushed his lips across hers in a seductive caress. "Tell me what you want, Kat."
      She whimpered again, very softly, as his mouth returned to press more firmly against hers. Fierce shudders began to ripple up and down her spine.
      "I think you want to open yourself for me, and feel me slide deep into your tight virgin passage." His voice was whisper-soft. "I think you want to feel me cum deep inside you, again and again and again, while I make the entire universe explode around you."
      The shudders became a steady vibration that rocked her to the core...

Word Count: 5,474

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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