The Promise Papers #1 - Kimi


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, incest, father/daughter]

Charlie was stunned to realize how much his lovely daughter had grown up right before his eyes. But he was in for an even bigger shock when he discovered that she wanted HIM...and she wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer!


     Kimi lifted her shoulder in a shrug identical to his. "None of the boys in my class interest me."
     "Well." He swallowed hard, and tried to look as if she hadn't just rocked his world. "The right one will come along eventually."
     "Oh, he already has." She slanted a look at him that he would have sworn was flirtatious. "He just hasn't noticed me yet."
     "What, is he blind, or just stupid?" He tried to make a joke of it, even as his stomach churned at the thought of anyone, man or boy, laying hands on his precious daughter.
     "I don't know." Her dark eyes seemed to glitter as she leaned a little closer. "Why don't you tell me?"
     "What?" He stared at her in blank confusion--until she rose up onto her knees, and curled her arms around his neck. "Kimi, what...?" He tried to sound stern, but her name emerged as a husky moan. And when he tried to curl his hands around her waist to push her away, they disobeyed his fierce commands and tugged her even closer.
     "You want me, too...I knew you did!" She sounded breathless and triumphant as she swivelled her shoulders so that her soft breasts boldly caressed his chest.
     "Now wait just a minute..."
     His hoarse protest ended in a sharp gasp as she slid one hand down to his lap, and her nimble fingers intimately cupped him.
     "I've been waiting forever for you to want me!"
     "Kimi..." He tried again, but fierce tremors were rippling up and down his long body. And every one was pushing him a little closer to that jagged edge. "Kimi, stop!"
     He had just an instant to see her mischievous grin, before her stubborn "No!" echoed in his ears. And then he was lost, as she tugged him down onto the soft cushions, and wrapped her long legs around his waist...

Word Count: 4,050

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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