Tani Fredricks - The Runway Archives #04 - Heidi


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Quinn knew it was wrong to lust after Heidi's sexy body, but he just couldn't help himself. He'd always had a fierce passion for innocent young girls. His pretty daughter, Lynn, had seduced him when she'd been even younger than Heidi. So the hot seductive fantasy of plunging into his granddaughter's tight virgin pussy was simply irresistible!


      Heidi had drunk so much champagne that the room was spinning around her in delightful loops. "Will you tuck me in bed?"
      The room dipped suddenly, and tilted sideways. She was glad that Quinn's broad chest was there to balance her as she took an unsteady step toward the bed. "I'm hot."
      "Yes, you certainly are."
      "I said, I'm sure you are."
      She let him ease the shimmery spandex over her shoulders and arms, then wriggled a little to help it slide down her body. "That feels nice."
      "So do you." He tugged the skimpy bodysuit off her feet, and folded it neatly across the foot of the bed. "Your skin is so soft! Would you like me to rub you all over?"
      Her answering sigh was a low half-moan of rising pleasure. "I feel so strange inside!" Her words were slurred as she writhed beneath his firm touch. "So hot, and my stomach feels all tingly."
      "So does mine." His thumbs moved in slow, circular strokes. "Will you help me feel better, baby?"
      "Quinn..." Suddenly her voice sounded shaky, panicky, as her hips tightened in fierce rhythmic tremors. "Quinn!"
      He could hardly believe that he'd made her cum without even touching her intimately! But her mother had been just as responsive...and after that first sweet taste of passion, she'd been voracious to try more and more and more!
      "I need you, Heidi!" His chest heaved as fierce pressure began to build in his veins, numbing his reluctant inhibitions. "Please, baby! I need you!"

Word Count: 12,296

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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