The Runway Archives #3 - Arya & Balin


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Balin hadn't been able to think about anything but sex since he'd found that raunchy X-rated magazine in his dressing room closet. So when he saw Eve and her father sneaking away from the auditorium on movie night, he was sure that they were about to have sex with each other! And he insisted of following them...and dragging his twin sister, Arya, along to watch.

They got more of an eyeful than they'd expected...and watching Eric fuck his pretty daughter senseless made them so unbearably horny that they just couldn't help turning to each other!


      Balin sucked in a deep, trembling breath just as Arya realized what they were seeing. Eric was about to butt-bang his eager daughter!
      Nothing in the world could have dragged her away now! And she leaned so close that her nose touched the glass, and made a circular smudge-mark. Quickly she backed away again, and rubbed it with the heel of her free hand.
      "Look, there he goes!" Balin's hoarse voice was right in her ear as he edged forward, too. "Oh, man, look! She's taking it!"
      Air rasped through Arya's lungs as she gaped in breathless fascination. He was all the way inside her now, and pumping like a steam engine! And she was screaming again, and tossing her head around so that her long red hair flew everywhere!
      "She's cumming!" Balin looked like he was about to faint or...or explode! his eyes bugged wide. "It really is just like in that magazine--only more!"
      Suddenly Eric's rhythm changed. His thrusts turned slow, hard, deep, and a hot flush spread across his back and throat. Violent shudders swept the length of his long body four, five, six times...and then he fell forward, and collapsed against Eve. They tumbled together onto the mattress, and laid still in a tangled heap.
* * * * *
      "It really was awesome, wasn't it?" Balin asked, slanting a glance at his sister. "I knew it would be hot, but man! When he started pushing it into her, and she started thrashing around and screaming..."
      "I know." Arya felt that funny little clutch in her belly again, and her pulse began to race. "What do you think it's like?"
      "Incredible." Balin chewed on his bottom lip, then slowly nodded. "Simply incredible."
      They laid silently for another few moments, then Balin stirred. "Would you do it with me?"
      "Well," he said reasonably, "we both want to, and there's no one else around. So, will you do it with me? My cock's not as big as Eve's dad's, but I'll bet I could make you feel pretty good anyway."

Word Count: 4,773

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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