The Runway Archives #1 - Paige


[hardcore, erotica, incest, brother, sister, older man, teen girl, virgin, first-time sex, anal sex, plane sex, true love, teen model, The Runway Archives]

Brendan had been Paige’s guardian ever since their parents had been killed five years ago. And he knew that it was wicked to lust after his sexy little sister. But no matter how hard he tried to fight the need, his lusty cock had other ideas...


      "We did good today, huh, Bren?" Paige was still full of energy as she spun in a tight circle and then punched the elevator button. "Did you hear the applause when I did my belly dance?"
      He hadn't, because he'd been too busy whacking off a second time before pulling on some clean BVDs. "You always knock 'em dead," he hedged. "I'll bet you drove every guy in the audience crazy!"
      She giggled, and twisted her hips in an erotically sexy swivel. "I've been practicing in my bedroom."
      His semi-hard cock shot right up and banged hard against his zipper. Bren sucked in a pained gasp as every nerve in his body went on high alert. "That would be something to watch."
      He didn't realize that he'd said the words aloud until she laughed again, and nudged him in the ribs. "Yeah, right. This is our floor. C'mon."
      Oh, he was almost ready to cum, all right...just thinking about her swaying seductively one thin wall away was driving him dangerously close to the edge! His eyes nearly crossed as he jammed his fist against his raging cock to try and force it back under control.
      Didn't work. Probably nothing would, except stripping down and beating off until he was too exhausted to breathe.
      A frown creased Paige's forehead as he hurried by, and closed the door in her face. Something was wrong with Bren, and it had been getting worse for the last several weeks. She'd tried to tease him into talking about it, and that hadn't worked...
      Maybe the direct approach would work better?
      Thoughtfully she turned off the living room light, so that opening his bedroom door wouldn't half-blind him. She was just about to reach for his doorknob when a low, ragged moan stopped her in her tracks. Was he in pain?
      "Bren?" She swung the door open...and gaped in stunned surprise. Brendan was sprawled naked on the bed, pumping his hand up and down in an incredibly erotic rhythm.
      "Oh, God!" His eyes bugged, and he fumbled desperately for the bedspread...but his free hand was shaking so badly that he couldn't quite grab it. "Paige, no, you shouldn't be in here..."

Word Count: 7,420

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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