The Promise Papers #31 - Northern deLights


[Brother Incest, Masturbation, Hardcore Sex, Voyeur, M/M]

     Rick and his older brother, Alan, had been best friends all their lives. But Rick was in for a shocking discovery when a sexy pair of girls invaded the privacy of their longtime camping hideaway...and he realized that no matter how well you know a person, there's always more to learn!


     It started out innocently enough: just two guys heading up north for a weekend of fishing. Rick and Alan were as close as brothers could get. Same hobbies, same quirks and habits...even the same girlfriends on a few occasions!
     But this time, something was different. Two sexy girls were camping right down the shore.
     Alan met his bitter gaze across the dancing firelight, and offered him a rueful shrug. "Looks like we're not gonna get much sleep tonight," he conceded with a grin. "Maybe we should go down and introduce ourselves! No reason we should be sitting here suffering all night, is there?"
     Rick glared across the fire and vigorously shook his head. "We wouldn't be welcome, mate," he advised with a disgusted sigh. "When I went down to wash out the frying pan, I caught sight of 'em making out in the bushes."
     Alan sat up straighter and stared at him in surprise. "They're lesbians? Cool!"
     "What's so cool about it?" Rick retorted. "They're over there snuggling away, and we're sitting here horny as hell with no way to cure it!"
     Alan was horny, too--Rick could see the distinctive bulge in his tight shorts as he dropped down nearby and cradled the icy beer can in his large hands.
     Rick tried not to look in Alan's direction...somehow it only seemed to make his own cock thud even harder against his flat belly. But he was disturbingly aware of his brother's proximity as their bare shoulders brushed together. If only Alan was a cute girl...all he'd have to do was move his hand a few inches and...
     "Betcha can't hit the fire!" Alan suddenly dared him, slanting an intense glance down at the huge shaft straining up beneath his tight swimsuit.
     "What?" Rick spun back around, and stared at Alan in blank confusion. Then comprehension dawned, and a hot surge of lust raced through his quivering veins. Alan was asking him to jerk off...maybe because he was too nervous to start doing it first?
     Alan's tongue darted across his dry lips, and Rick swallowed hard. As one, their hands crept toward their waists and then slowly angled into their tight briefs...

Word Count: 4,460

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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