The Promise Papers #32 - Coming of Age


[INCEST, Age-Play Fantasy, Uncle/Niece Incest, Hardcore Sex, M/F]

Adapted, with permission, from the wildly popular story "Turnabout" by Becca Sinh

     Reggie had always adored her sexy, muscular Uncle Larry. But she never dreamed that he loved her in a totally different way--and he'd just been waiting for her to grow up enough that he could start teaching her about the delightfully forbidden pleasures of incestuous sex!


     "Reggie." Uncle Larry's deep, urgent voice drew Regina slowly out of a deep, peaceful sleep. "Sweetheart, wake up."
     "Mmmm?" Languidly she stretched, and blinked in drowsy confusion. Hadn't she been out on the deck of Uncle Larry's lovely sleek fishing boat, trying to catch a marlin or something? Why was she down in the shadowy cabin, stretched out across his comfortable bed?
     He understood her baffled glance around the room, and softly chuckled. "You fell asleep, and were starting to get sunburned. So I brought you inside."
     "Oh." She offered him a groggy smile. "Then why did you wake me up?"
     "Because I want to make love to you."
     That was the moment when her entire life changed.
     His low voice echoed in her ears as he brushed her forehead with his lips...and then his mouth slid down to caress the side of her throat.
     Reg gasped in surprised, and jumped a little...and that was when she realized that she was totally naked, and his big hands were touching her in places she'd never even dreamed of. One hand was circling the tiny nubs on her chest, and making them ache in a crazy hungry kind of way, and the other was sliding between her thighs to stroke the slick wetness that had been there ever since she'd arrived a week ago.
     She gasped again as shocking heat flooded her, and then moaned in stunned pleasure. Oh, it felt so incredibly good!

Word Count: 4,406

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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