The Hazard Chronicles #24 - Something in the Water


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, incest, brother/sister, masturbation, voyeur]

     Cameron had always known that his sister was sexy...but he'd never realized that she thought he was, too! And when Maya came home from college early, and caught him masturbating in the shower...well, what was a horny girl to do? Having forbidden sex with her brother was a temptation she just couldn't resist!


     She'd expected Cameron to be downstairs, and waiting to greet her, when her taxi pulled into the big circular driveway. He'd talked of nothing else for days.
     Well, she was an hour early. He was probably out in the barn, finishing up his evening chores.
     The house smelled heavenly...and was surprisingly neat! Had he spent the last few days in a cleaning frenzy, or had her devil-may-care brother finally learned how to clean up after himself? She supposed that she'd find out soon enough.
     No answer.
     Yeah, he had to be out in the barn. Well then, she'd just head on upstairs, and change into something a little more comfortable. Her heavy sweater and jeans had felt good on the bus, but the house was hot enough to fry an egg. All that southern exposure coming through the big bay windows really kept things warm. Between that and the stove, they rarely had to use the massive stone fireplace, even during the coldest part of winter.
     She could hear water running when she passed the bathroom. Oh, okay. He was in the shower. Maya could hardly wait to clean up, too, and wash away the travel sweat. Traveling by bus was economical, but most of the passengers...well, they weren't exactly high on the social register. She always wanted to disinfect when she walked out of the bus depot.
     She was almost to her own room when she became aware of a strange sound echoing through the closed bathroom door.
     Slap, slap, slap.
     What on earth was that?
     Slap, slap, slap.
     She hesitated, then slowly turned back around.
     Slap, slap, slap.
     "Cam?" She opened the door cautiously...and froze in her tracks.
     Cam was in the shower, all right--but his muscular silhouette was clearly visible through the steamy privacy glass. And he was vigorously pumping his hand back and forth over his...
     Wow! If the shower door wasn't distorting things, his cock was huge!
     Maya gulped, and felt heat arrow right through her as if she'd been shot with a bullet.
     Quickly she backed out...but not quite quickly enough. Because before she could take more than a single step, the provocative slap, slap, slap was replaced by a husky moan. Maya stared in fascination as her brother's lean hips jerked erotically in rhythm with his low, ragged grunts.
     She was trembling so hard that she could barely fumble for the doorknob. Then the hall was dark and cool around her, and she sagged against the paneled wall, panting for breath.
     None of the guys she'd dated in college were built like that! And if he knew how to use it properly...
     Oh, man! How was she ever going to get through the next two weeks knowing what a serious hunk her brother had become?

Word Count: 4,180

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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