For All Eternity


[Clonecest, Brother and Cloned Sister, Science Fiction, M/F]

     Rory was the galaxy's foremost expert on genetic manipulation. But no one, as far as he could tell, had ever tried the experiment he'd started nearly six years ago. No one had ever tried to create a clone of themselves, then change the male Y chromosome into a female X.
     Rhiannon would be more than just his brilliant scientific partner. He'd created her to be his mate...


      He'd dreamed of this moment, longed for it with every fiber of his soul! But still he couldn't quite believe that she was taking the lead!
      She read his stunned expression with ease. "Rory, brother!" she mocked with a teasing grin. "You created me in your own image! Do you think I can't feel the lust that's burning through you? I remember, through your eyes and hands, every time you've watched me sleep, and fantasized about taking me for the first time. I've felt every hot orgasm that's exploded through your body--and now I want to feel it burning through my own body. This beautiful body that you created," she added, gliding a sensual hand over her lush breasts and flat stomach.
      Rory moaned in eager anticipation.
      "But you'll have to show me what to do," she added, shyly ducking her head. "I only know what to do from inside your mind and memories. I don't know how to pleasure you myself."
      Pressure began to build, in hot surging waves. He moaned again, and clumsily fumbled with his loose slacks. Cool air wafted over his rigid flesh.
      Rhia leaned closer to peer at him with keen interest. "I know how it feels when you touch it," she murmured. "But these hands are smaller, shaped differently. They grip my drinking glass differently. And my skin is more sensitive than yours. Every light touch feels...more intense."
      "Maybe..." He gulped for air as her long hair grazed his flexing thighs. "Maybe it's because these perceptions are so new to you. We've both had thirty-five years to experience mine."
      "That's quite likely." She nodded her head approvingly. "But for whatever reason, I find myself highly sensitized to this tunic covering my skin, the carpet beneath my feet, and the vibrations transmitting through my fingertips."
      He could hardly wait to feel her fingertips gliding across his skin!

Word Count: 3,621

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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