The Hazard Chronicles #22 - Homecoming


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, incest, father/daughter, spouse swapping, anal sex, pregnancy]

     Byron and his young wife, Carly, were blissfully happy, until she got word that her grandfather had suffered a heart attack. She insisted on accompanying her father to Illinois to care for him. But before she left, she invited Byron's daughter to return to the family farm and keep him company...
     Samantha was glad to be back on the farm, even if it was only for a few days. Her father was the most outrageously fantastic lover...and she could hardly wait to climb back into his big, comfortable bed, and fuck the daylights out of him!


     Before she could do more than yelp in surprise, Byron swung her up into his strong arms, and began carrying her up the stairs. "Pregnant women shouldn't be on their feet too much," he quipped...then gently laid her down on his big, comfortable bed. "I've missed having you here, princess."
     "I've missed being here," she smiled back up at him. "But we'll start up with the sleepovers again by Thanksgiving at the latest. Carly's twins will be five months old, and mine will be two months. And if she's not going crazy for some hot DP by then, I know I will be!"
     Just the thought of being able to fuck both of them at once, as he and Will had done all last winter and spring, made slick pre-cum spurt from his rigid cock.
     She saw the quick shudder that rippled through his long body, and nimbly tweaked his pants open. "Don't waste any of that," she grinned, as his long shaft bounced out and rose to bang against his flat stomach. "Oh, I'd almost forgotten how good you taste!"
     Byron moaned as her agile little tongue darted out to stroke his crest. Heat rose in a blinding rush, and his knees folded. The mattress rocked as he sank down beside her, and desperately clutched at the headboard. "Sam...Sammy..." His voice rose into a hoarse shout as she suddenly took him in deep. "Holy Christ!"
     Hot jets erupted and flooded her mouth in rhythmic spurts. Sam kept pace with him until he sagged back, gasping raggedly for breath. "No one can do that quite the way you can," he groaned.
     She swallowed one last time, and grinned up at him. "Give it a few more months, and Carly's gonna leave me in the dust. I hear she's getting a lot of practice lately."
     He should have remembered that they told each other everything. "Well, it hurts too much the normal way," he sighed. "Your mom had the same problem during her last month of carrying you..."
     "But I wasn't twins," Sam agreed with a rueful shrug. "For which I'm sure you were immensely grateful. Although, can you imagine being seduced by two daughters, instead of just one?"
     His relaxing cock shot right back up to smack his stomach. "That was rotten," he grinned, knowing she'd made the sly suggestion just to arouse him again.
     "Actually it looks pretty gorgeous to me," she retorted with a chuckle. "And very, very tasty!"
     "Well, there's plenty more where that came from," he teased, and began to unbutton her silky blouse...

Word Count: 6,730

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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