Harem Training


[Barely-Legal, Surrogate Father, Older Man, Harem Slave, Sexual Training, Groupsex]

Natalia had been raised for one purpose: to be rich, sexy Kalil's consort and willing sex toy. She'd learned everything there was to know about seducing a man...but since Kalil would own her, he'd be the one to take her virginity.

'Talia was prepared to submit to his every whim...but first she wanted to fuck the sexy man who had been her lifelong teacher and father-figure. Would Kalil be willing to share her with the man she adoringly called Father?


      "Father?" Her whisper was so faint that even she could barely hear it.
      "Yes, 'Talia?"
      "You've taught me all about sharing the gifts. But I won't be complete until a man fills me. Will you be the one? Will you come to me tonight, and push your hard cock into me?"
      Gently he stroked her tousled hair. "I wish I could. You've been promised to Kalil, little one. Only he will have the right to fuck you the first time. But he'll make it good for you, just as good as I would myself. And I know you'll make it good for him, too."
      "Is he still a virgin, too?" She blinked in surprise, and focused on Father's beloved face.
      "No." That made him laugh. "Kalil has pleasured many women. But you will belong to him. No other girl-child has ever been his personal consort. He picked you when you were just a tiny babe, and has been waiting for you ever since then. Belonging to Kalil is a great honor."
      She tried to hide her disappointment. "Does he really look like you said?"
      "He really does." Father smiled down at her. "He's very handsome, and he's young and full of energy. Every time he touches you, he'll give you pleasure."
      "But I want you!" She couldn't choke back her plaintive cry. "I love you!"
      His dark eyes gentled. "And I love you, too, Natalia. But I have no choice.
      "Do you know why you and the other girls have been allowed to watch all those sexy movies, and touch each other as often as you wish, but never use a toy to satisfy yourselves?" he added suddenly. "Because you must be a virgin when Kalil enters you for the first time.
      "You are ready for him now...years before we ever thought you would be. So tonight he will come to you. Make me proud of you, little 'Talia...and if he agrees, perhaps I will be the second man to fuck you. Perhaps he'll even let me join in after he takes you the first time. Would you like to fuck both of us at the same time?"
      Over the years, she'd watched videos of every possible perversion. Some had left her unmoved, while others...
      Her dark eyes began to gleam. "Oh, yes! I've tried to pretend I was doing it that way. It feels good when I use my fingers in both holes at once!"
      He smiled again. "Then I'll talk to him, and see if he'll agree. But for now, it's time for you to go soak in the heated pool. Tessa will rub scented oil into your skin, and relax you."
      "Yes, Father." She stood up, and gathered her scattered clothes. "Thank you."
      He tilted his head to one side. "For what, 'Talia?"
      She didn't quite have the words. "For everything," she exclaimed--and then before he could draw away, she wrapped her arms around him in a fierce hug--and then bent to press her lips against the huge bulge hidden in his baggy slacks.
      Father watched her sprint from the room, and released a shaky breath. Kalil would agree. He'd do whatever he must to make sure of it!

Word Count: 5,892

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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