The Hazard Chronicles #23 - Emergency


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, incest, father/daughter, spouse swapping, airplane sex, hotel sex, pregnancy]

     Will wasn't happy when he learned that his hated father had suffered a heart attack. But like it or not, he was duty-bound to go take care of the old man. Despite his protests, his beautiful pregnant daughter, Carly, insisted on going with him.
     Carly hated to fly, especially now that she was pregnant. But her horny father thought that pregnant women were sexy...and he knew just how to distract her...


     "I think," he added with a sly little grin, "that I have something that might help distract you a little."
     "Oh, yeah?" She recognized the look in his eyes, and raised her eyebrows in surprise. "In here?"
     "Why not? The door's locked, and we're not due to land for another two hours. Besides, the engines are so loud that no one will ever hear you scream."
     She narrowed her eyes a little. "I don't scream."
     "Uh huh. You just keep telling yourself that." Grinning, Will curved his hands around her ribs, and gently boosted her up onto the narrow sink shelf. "Yeah, that's just about the perfect height," he decided with a satisfied nod. "See?"
     She spread her thighs wide as he pressed against her, then gasped in delight as rock-hard heat seared her sensitive flesh. "Oh, it is! But..."
     "What?" He was already sliding his hands under her loose blouse to fondle her full breasts. "You don't think we can manage it in this tight a space?"
     "I'm six months pregnant, and I look like a cow." She looked miserably unhappy as she blinked back tears.
     "A cow gives milk." He flipped her blouse up, deftly unsnapped her bra, and began to nibble on her rising nipples. "Nope, no milk yet. So you can't be a cow."
     The sweet pleasure of his agile tongue made her sigh with delight. "Well, maybe being a cow isn't so bad, as long as you're the bull."
     "I'm a bull with one very long, hard horn." To prove it, he unzipped his pants, then nudged her with his rigid nine-inch shaft. "And it wouldn't be long or hard if you weren't so incredibly sexy! So as long as I can still slide under your belly...and I can...I'm happy to prove it!"
     The cold metal cabinet was a startling shock to her naked flesh. But she didn't stay cold for long. Carly moaned as heat began to fill her in pulsing waves. "Oh, God!" Breathlessly she leaned back against the mirror, and tried to arch her slender hips.
     "Tell me if it hurts!" Will's voice was raspy as he fought to enter her very, very slowly. "Oh yeah, I think that's far enough!" He was still only halfway inside her--but he was already hitting bottom. "God, you're tight!"
     "I know." She moaned again. "But it feels so good!"
     "Yeah." Hot surges were already starting to ripple through his aching flesh. "I'd almost forgotten...Carly...Carly!" His voice rose suddenly as harsh grunts echoed from his throat. "Cum with me, baby! Now!"
     His quick thrusts were driving her insane! Helplessly she gripped his lean hips, and bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out. But she couldn't fight it when his fierce climax triggered her own. The explosion lifted her up with shocking speed, and flipped her over the edge of a bottomless chasm filled with sheer sensual delight.
     Will crushed his mouth against hers...and swallowed her ecstatic scream...

Word Count: 5,075

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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