The Hazard Chronicles #12 - The Gift


[erotica, hardcore, incest, barely-legal, mother/son, pregnant mother, teen, male virgin, paranormal]

Danni was extremely pregnant--and unbearably horny! Nothing she'd tried had helped to quench the fire in her blood. So when her teenage son, Hunter, wanted to feel the baby move...and curiosity became hot forbidden lust...she couldn't turn him away!

But there was more to Hunter than met the eye, and Danni was about to learn that they'd been given the most precious of all gifts...another chance for true love!


     Hunter's mouth went desert-dry as he stared at his mother's rounded body. The girls at school had nothing on this! Why hadn't he ever realized how incredibly arousing lush fertility could be? Was there anything in the world sexier than a gorgeous woman nurturing life itself?
     His eager cock jolted erect so abruptly that he felt dizzy...and thanked his lucky stars that he was wearing tight jeans, so that she couldn't see. She'd be so shocked!
     He was pretty damned shocked, himself! Who'd have figured that his mother--his extremely pregnant mother--could be such a massive turn-on?
     "I don't know why Robert thinks you look bad," he whispered, and swallowed hard. "You're beautiful!"
     Danni was so shocked that she couldn't quite choke back a scornful laugh. "Yeah, for someone who's pushing the near side of forty, dripping wet, and looks like she swallowed a hippo."
     Slowly Hunter shook his head. "You're beautiful," he repeated, a little more forcefully this time. "You glow. And you don't look fat." His fingers twitched with the sudden longing to run his hands over the terrifying, mysterious, wonderful mound of her belly. "You!"
     The reverent look in his eyes stunned her. "You're serious, aren't you?"
     "Oh, yeah!" He swallowed again, and curled his hands into fists to keep from reaching for her. "Will you... Would it be okay if I touched you? To feel the baby move, I mean?"
     She hadn't expected him to be curious. But sure, why not? "Okay, but let me get dressed first."
     "No." He spoke quickly, then flushed with embarrassment. "I mean, why? It's just you and me. Clothes would just...I dunno...take away from it somehow."
     For the first time since he'd been born, she felt uncertain around him. "Hunt, I appreciate that, but..."
     "Please." There was a quiet desperation in his single word.
     Danni blinked a few times, then lifted her shoulders in a reluctant shrug. "Well, okay. I don't guess it could hurt anything."
     She slid past him, and sat down on the bed. Her stomach bulged like a watermelon, and the towel slipped to one side. Quickly she covered her soft pubic curls with the hand not clutching the towel, and hoped he hadn't seen that quick flash of pussy. Horny she might be, but cruel she wasn't. And nothing, in her opinion, was more cruel than teasing a virile young man with something he couldn't have.
     Odd that she'd never thought of him as virile before, she mused as he followed her, and knelt on the carpet in front of her. But he was. Seemingly overnight, he'd transformed from a playful little boy into a strong, handsome young man. His shoulders were broad, and his hips were lean...
     And she was so damned horny that she'd have banged the devil himself if he'd appeared in a flash of brimstone with his dick jutting up.
     Did the devil have a dick? Probably a huge one, the better to tease and taunt and punish his hapless victims.
     Danni sucked in a startled breath as Hunter gingerly laid a hand on her stomach. His hand was big and strong, just like his father's had been.
     Was he built all over like his father?

Word Count: 3,356

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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