Eastern Lust - The Complete Trilogy


[historical exotic bdsm, slave concubine captured, spanking submission domination, alpha male, hardcore sex, virgin deflowered, muslim sultan]

In these three sultry and exotic tales of Eastern Lust, innocent young woman find themselves slaves to cruel Sultans.

These rulers of the East will take whatever they desire, and will punish their slaves as they see fit!

Story One: The Sultan's New Toy

Emine's life as she knows it is over. Taken from her village, she is destined to be the Sultan's concubine.

He is a man as cruel and ferocious as he is handsome. Emine is inexperienced, with no knowledge of the ways of lust and love. Will her first time as the Sultan's new toy leave her wishing she was back home in her simple village - or will he leave her begging for more?

Story Two: The Sultan's Innocent Bride

Amina is nervous. Tonight is her wedding night. Her new husband is the Sultan, a man reputed to have insatiable and ferocious carnal appetites. Amina is unversed in the ways of passion, but tonight she will learn that to be the Sultan's new bride, she must first submit utterly to his will.

Story Three: Ravished By The Turk

Emily is powerless, her wrists and ankles bound. A young Christian woman in the heart of an Islamic Empire, she has no rights, no allies - and no way to escape.

Her new Master is the Sultan, a Emperor of all the Turks. He is arrogant, proud and lustful. He enjoys inflicting pain and pleasure in equal parts, and now Emily is his plaything. She has no choice but to submit to his depraved desires - and to awaken the passion within her.


      He was treating me like a whore, and I was loath to admit how much I loved it. I squirmed helplessly beneath him as he rammed his dick into me again and again, that salty flesh rubbing incessantly against my tongue and throat. He moaned when I choked, enjoying the convulsions of my throat and the tears streaming down my cheeks.
      His thrusts grew erratic, and I braced myself. He shot thick ropes of his cum down my throat, barely even giving me a chance to taste it. As he rode out his orgasm, I shook beneath him, blinking the tears out of my eyes and breathing heavily through my nose.
      When he finally pulled out, my chest was heaving and I was gasping for air. He looked deeply satisfied, and something about that smile filled me with pride. I had done a good job.
      He leaned down to kiss my forehead, and I almost grinned, in spite of the tense situation. My thighs were shaking with want, and my entire body was tight like a coil, desperate for release. I was praying to any god that was listening - please, please, don't let that be the end of it. Let him fuck me.
      "Emily, that was amazing-" He sighed, shifting back until he was between my legs, on the other end of the bed. "I think it's only fair to reward you, especially after a performance like that." The mocking tone in his voice made me irritated, but knowing that I was going to be receiving my due reward was enough to put my body at ease.

Word Count: 18,835

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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