Pounding The Little Brat #1


[stepdaddy, stepdaughter, family, taboo, pseudo-incest, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]

What are these two going to do?

Everybody remembers their first time. But when you're a little brat and that first time is with the man of the house…well, that's definitely something you'll never forget!

Come and read it now!


      Joseph checks his work e-mails as the movie plays on the TV screen. Jadyn, his 18-year old stepdaughter, is sitting beside him.
      Jadyn's curled up underneath a blanket on the couch. She feels warm and snugly…certainly very content. And the fact that she's here with her stepdaddy makes things just that much better.
      Joseph keeps thinking about sex. But not just sex…dirty, naughty sex. Bits and pieces of what he likes have been dipping their heads in and out. Taboo thoughts. Sex with people he knows and trusts, people he would never consider having sex with before. He's been thinking about being naughty…and he knows just who he wants to be naughty with.
      Joseph gives a great big yawn and then reaches over, grabbing the remote control and stopping the movie. Jadyn looks at him.
      "What's up?" she asks. Her stepdaddy gets up from the couch.
      "I think I'm going to call it a night," he says. Jadyn gets up too. "We can finish the movie another night."
      "Oh, you're going to bed?" Jadyn asks, looking disappointed. Joseph looks down at her.
      "I was thinking about it…" he says as she looks back up at him.
      Joseph has to admit: he feels a little angry with himself right now.
      These thoughts he's been having about his stepdaughter…they're not normal. He's been thinking about her sexually, and that's not who she is to him. She's his little girl. He's known her her whole life, for Christ's sake!
      Besides, it's not like she has these feelings too. Right?
      "Can I tell you something?" Joseph asks his stepdaughter.
      "Sure, daddy," she says with a smile.
      "I think that you would be a great mommy," he says, and he smiles as Jadyn blushes.
      "Aw, that's sweet of you to say," she tells him. "I already know that you're a great daddy."
      They keep smiling at each other, neither one looking away. Inside of Joseph's chest he feels his heart pounding, and inside of Jadyn's she feels the exact same thing.

Word Count: 130,836

  • Manufactured by: Aisha Rivers

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