The Taboo Transformation


[body transformation, taboo, aunt/nephew, aunt/niece, brother/sister, twincest, hardcore sex, masturbation, oral sex, doctor]

Dr. Jane Richardson was a brilliant medical researcher. But when short-sighted bureaucrats decide to stop her latest experiment, she decides to use her revolutionary gene-splicing technique on herself. Now her breasts are growing, her sex-drive is increasing, and her carnal desires are taking control. No one is safe from her. Not the sexy widower next door. Not the film star who inspired her research. And certainly not the members of her own family. Because Jane Richardson is going through a Taboo Transformation!

Follow Jane's sexual journey through three separate books. In "Suddenly Horny," she begins her experiment, and the formally flat-chested and undersexed woman finds herself caught up, for the first time in her life, in the wonderful web of sexual desire.

In "Suddenly Sexy," her body continues to change, along with her sex drive. And Jane's two nubile young nieces want in on the fun!

And in "Suddenly Nymphos," Jane and her nieces discover that the wonderful changes may come at too high a cost. Will they be able to deal with the consequences of their actions? And what will it mean for the lovers they have gathered along the way?


      Jane kept one hand on the lip of the pool to support herself, but the rest of her body was hanging free in the water. She raised her free hand, unable to believe her daring, and stroked back a lock of hair which had fallen over Jeff's forehead. With a slight kick of her legs, she allowed her body to drift closer to his, until their chests were nearly touching. “It sounds like you know what you want,” she whispered. “I know what I want too. It's been…the last few days have been strange ones, Jeff. I've had my eyes opened, in more ways than one. And one thing I think I've learned is that I don't want to live the rest of my life alone. I want someone with me. Someone I trust. Someone I know would never hurt me or my family.”
      She moved even closer, until their bodies were touching, from chest to thighs. She wrapped an arm around his waist, her fingers stroking the warm skin of his back.
      “Will you be that man for me, Jeff?”
      His eyes were wide as he gazed down at her, his earlier dismissive words about women long gone. “Jane, you're beautiful.” Her face burned and she stared at him, disbelieving. No one had ever called her beautiful before. “And you're so smart I feel like like an idiot compared to you.” He gave an abortive gesture towards the house. “You have everything you can possibly want. Why me? I've been hurt before. I don't know…”
      She smiled gently, trying to calm him. “I'm not demanding a life-long commitment, Jeff. But I would like…to get to know you better.” She swallowed. “In bed.
      “The kids are gone. They won't be back for hours. We have the whole house to ourselves.” Below the water, their groins were touching, the rough cloth of his shorts pressing against the sheer red material of her bikini. Was it only her imagination, or did she feel a stirring as the material shifted?
      Slowly, like the tail of a shy kitten, his arm came around, moving through the water. She felt his hand press into the small of her back, his fingers spread wide. Gently, he pulled her against him, until they were molded together from chest to thighs. Then he lowered his head to hers and took her mouth in a long, passionate kiss.
      His mouth was firm, but his lips were gentle. He tasted, faintly, but not unpleasantly, of sweat and grass and chlorine from the pool. She raised a hand to his smooth cheek. Her skin burned where it touched him, and below her waist she could feel the evidence of his arousal. Even through layers of cloth and pool-water, his stiffness was more than evident, and she pressed into him, wanting to merge with him.
      Her lips opened, and she let her tongue glide over his lips, the tip darting out, asking for entry. With a whispered moan he opened to her, and she wrapped her arms hard around his back as their mouths and tongues began to dance together, exploring feverishly.
      He was so gentle. Soft and sweet and kind, but the same time undoubtedly, exuberantly male. She ran her hands down the strong muscles of his back, dipping below the waistband of his shorts until she could grasp the firm globes of his rear. Her fingers caressed him, then moved back up until they were tangled in his hair.
      She nearly wept with happiness. For years, hobbled by her own body, she had been afraid of men. How foolish she had been! How blind! The desire of her body, unleashed by the experiment, was something to be rejoiced in, not shunned.
      I will never let this power go. I regret nothing.

Word Count: 64,700

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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