Stepbrother Seductions #2 - 24 Taboo Tales


[stepbrother, stepsister, taboo, pseudo-incest, family, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]


After living together for so long, you can't blame these little brats and the princes of the house for wanting to experiment. But one thing leads to another and before you know it, they're doing it for the first time, and it's always hard and without protection!

You know you want it!


      Jake feels antsy for some reason as he sits with his 18-year old stepsister, playing Trouble.
      Maybe it's that he didn't exercise enough today. Maybe it's that he had too much coffee. Whatever it is, it seems like he can't calm down. He watches her reaction as he makes his move.
      Sara plays her move as her stepbrother watches, considering. She reaches over to the bowl of popcorn and grabs a handful, popping some pieces in her mouth, chewing as she watches his face.
      Jake is horny. He's been horny a lot lately, but for some reason today really takes the cake. It's not like he's been living under a rock. He knows how to take care of it, and he does. But his cock just keeps getting hard and he knows now that jerking off just isn't going to cut it. He's got to do something else. And he's got to do it soon.
      "Well," Jake says, stretching his arms above his head, "I think I need a break."
      He gets up from the table and so does Sara. She yawns and gives a stretch too as Jake walks around a bit. When he comes back to the table Sara's away from her seat, and she's looking at him. He walks up to her, stopping right in front of his stepsister. She looks up at him, and he looks down at her.
      Sara's shocked to find herself so close to her stepbrother, and feeling so rooted to the spot. She knows that she should look away, that she should get herself out of his situation before something happens ... but she can't. And neither, it seems, can he.
      "Jeez, it's hot today, isn't it?" Sara asks her stepbrother.
      Jake nods. He and Sara keep looking at each other, and slowly Sara's gaze goes down to her stepbrother's body, his chest and stomach and front of his pants. The heat is making his clothes cling to him, just the tiniest bit but enough to show off his body. She feels her breath getting shallow as she looks at him. He just looks so good.
      Sara's heart is pounding madly in her chest, causing her to become light-headed, making her fingertips tingle. Her stepbrother holds onto her easily, with hands stronger than she remembers, and he pulls her in for a kiss, pressing his lips roughly against hers. She feels his tongue push into her mouth and she parts her lips, letting him in, allowing him to explore the depths of her.
      As Sara's mind reels, she feels something that makes her stomach do a somersault: there's a hard lump forming at the front of her stepbrother's pants. She can feel it, even through her jeans. He pushes his lower self up against her and she hears him moan again, the vibrations of his voice subtle against her throat.
      Sara lets out a soft moan again, speaking breathily to the man doing such wonderful things to her:
      "Oh my God Jake, that feels amazing," she says.

Word Count: 79,830

  • Manufactured by: Roxi Harding

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