Popping My Girl’s Cherry #13


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      Up on their TV a movie is playing, while Preston and his 18-year old daughter Cheyenne watch.
      Preston is paying close attention, but in all honesty he's finding it difficult to figure out what's going on. He'll have to ask Cheyenne to explain it to him afterwards ... she always was smart.
      Cheyenne breathes a deep sigh of contentment. She's happy because she's finished all her school work for her college courses. She doesn't have anything else to do tonight ... just hang out here with her daddy, enjoying their time together.
      Just then, the TV and all the lights in the room go out.
      "Oh, fuck," Preston says. "That's right, they're doing work on the power lines right now."
      He and Cheyenne both get up from the couch.
      "Well, what do you want to do instead?" Cheyenne asks, looking at her daddy.
      "I don't know," he says with a shrug. He looks back down at her. "What do you want to do?"
      Preston's heart beats fast as he thinks about his daughter Cheyenne.
      He feel nervous because he's afraid. What's he afraid of? He's afraid of what could happen between them if he's given the chance. He knows how he feels towards her. But if Cheyenne gives even the slightest hint that she feels the same way, well ... he's not sure he'd be able to hold himself back.
      Cheyenne tries not to stare at her daddy's firm body, his hard muscles and broad shoulders. She already knows what he feels like -- they're no strangers to having tickle fights. But every time they do, Cheyenne can't ignore that glowing warmth down between her legs, and the fact that she has to slip off to her bedroom to relieve a little tension when it's done. She's never been with a man before, but she's always wanted to try it with somebody she trusts.
      "Daddy?" Cheyenne says to her daddy, and Preston smiles down at her.
      "Yeah, honey?" he says.
      Cheyenne feels nervous. But she's got to say it.
      "Can I tell you something?"
      "Well sure hon, you can tell me anything."

Word Count: 80,850

  • Manufactured by: Samantha LaCroix

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