Oops! I Banged My Brother!


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Every year Hannah's sorority holds a naughty event called "the lottery." The girls in the house are matched up with anonymous frat brothers and given one hour to go wild in a seedy motel room. Hannah's a sweet little freshman who fantasizes about being slutty with a stranger, and her masked man has the passion (and the girth) she's always craved. There's just one little problem: He's her brother!


      His tongue was warm, welcoming. His hands touched my throat and squeezed around my back. I lost myself in the kiss, my fears banished in the moment our skin was reunited. In his lap, his cock stirred and began its magic act. I was so excited I had to touch it.
      "Mm!" he grunted.
      "Well hi there," I said, giving him a playful squeeze.
      "What's your name?" he begged.
      "You can call me whatever you want," I said as I bent over his thigh.
      I lightly tongued the slit of his cockhead. I tried to ignore his deep sigh as I bent the shaft into my mouth and encircled the head with my lips. This is as far as it goes, I lied to myself. I just wanted to see it one more time.
      "Thank you," he breathed.
      Oh, he wanted it so bad. It would be cruel to refuse him. But no, I lied again, I just wanted to see how big it got. I felt his moan reverberate up through his balls as I slid his cock over my tongue.
      I knew I was in deep, deep trouble for the rest of my life.
      "Oh, Hannah, you are a slut," a nasty little voice told me in the back of my head. By that point I had half of my brother in my mouth and he was thickening faster than I was able to think. That big juicy vein on the underside of his shaft was like a smooth finger gliding down my throat...and my legs started to quake.
      I didn't have to wonder what his dates went through. Now I knew. I was one more of my brother's conquests. The dirty thought opened my pussy and drooled over my panties, just as I now drooled over his impressive rod.
      I didn't know if I could take him all the way. I didn't know if I could fit my throat - let alone my lips - around his girth, and that thought was ruining me. My moistened panties rode up my hot, pulsing sex. Every new inch I swallowed was now accompanied by an insidious friction within my labia. Could I stop myself from going further? "Hannah, you whore," the little voice told me gleefully, as I gagged up more saliva to force my brother's cock deeper inside me, "Hannah, you dirty slut."
      The painful pleasure that was between my legs - the juice-soaked panties - actually made me grunt out loud, and that vibration sent a whole new wave down Tommy's dick, which caused us both to jerk. My lips closed around his shaft and my spit squeezed out the corners of my mouth. I hugged him with my lips and I could tell that no one had ever tried to take him this deep before.

Word Count: 38,950

  • Manufactured by: Veronica Sloan

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