Seeding The World


[incest, group sex, shapeshifting, father/daughter, aunt/nephew, group sex, anal sex, double penetration, virginity, barely legal, centaur sex, wolf sex]

The quest to defeat the dark lord falls by the wayside when the company of heroes finds themselves ensnared by a mystical white tree. The spores of the tree make all men and women desire nothing but mindless procreation. Once the company is fully infected, the powerful sorcerer Jareth seals the spell so it can never be broken. Soon they find a new quest: to seed the entire world.


      The group traveled on from town to town, sowing seed--both spore and semen--as they went. The quest was forgotten as a new need filled the minds of the travelers, led by Jareth. They sought to bring the power of the spores to the whole world and, if possible, impregnate every possible woman along the way.
      As they traveled, they gathered new female recruits to their growing caravan, ensuring a steady supply of suitable women for the men and centaurs. No one asked Jareth where they were headed, for the destination did not matter to any of them, but he had a purpose in mind. With the quest abandoned, he ached to return home: to see the farm once more, and gaze into the beautiful face of Britta, his childhood sweetheart.
      It was not long before the others began to feel the need to sow their seeds in the bodies of the women they had loved. Barek ached to return home to his wife and daughters (and properly seed them all), promising to return to claim his new daughter with Senedra once she was born. Mandoran was consumed with desire for Nenyssa and left them for Arendia not many days after they left the spore forest. Serk, too, slipped away into the night, leaving only Benneth, Darrek, Rall, Jareth, Lendoran, Henter, the centaurs and all their new female followers to claim the farm as their own.
      But they did not travel immediately to Sendor, as Jareth drove them south first, toward Nyissa. He knew, through the magic of the spores, that for Senedra to properly carry her pregnancies to term, he had to bring her to the Forest of the Nymphs. And, in truth, he longed to visit those woods himself, and to gaze upon all the petite nymphlets there--an entire forest of girls--and sow his seed in as many as he could.

Word Count: 49,276

  • Manufactured by: Daniel Kay

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