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[Mother Son Incest, Hardcore Sex, Incest Erotica, Eighteen, Voyeurism, Big Tits, MILF, Mother and Aunt Twincest, Masturbation]

Admit it, we’ve all thought about it. Most fantasize about the possibility, but how do you go from hope, wishes, and dreams to turning it into reality? If opportunity comes, can you make it happen? When Thomas’ mother tells him, “We need to talk,” he knows he has to seize the moment. Then when Steven learns of his mom’s secret, he wonders, ‘Is this my chance to become her lover?’ But how?


      You see, I had an unusual obsession and deviant fixation on my mom.
      I was in love with my mother and lusted for her. Her son’s desire for her was an all-consuming yearning. The fact I was forced to hide my feelings only fueled my guilty, forbidden desire even more. The reason for my devotion to my mom: she was fun, lively and intelligent. Moreover, I found my mother truly beautiful.
      Although Marisol, my mother’s first name claimed to be 5-foot-3, I thought she was fudging, possibly including the added height from her shoes. While she claimed to be only 125 pounds, I suspected she was fudging here too but I didn’t mind. Deliciously, she owned beautiful curves. She possessed a spicy contrast between the supple pale, milky skin and strong dark hair and features, which are so alluringly exotic and especially erotic. She was also very active. As a result she had strong, shapely, and in my opinion, super sexy legs. Since she often wore skirts at work and shorts at home, I got plenty of time to admire them. Riding up, her thighs delightfully molded into her curvy hips and well-formed backside. I would often stare at her ass with a hungering desire. Just the thought of getting a chance to sink my teeth into her derrière would cause me to rise to the occasion.
      I discovered my mother possessed a pleasing resemblance to the model Devon Daniels. I thought my mom could’ve been Devon’s fuller, thicker older sister. Like Ms. Daniels, Marisol had long dark auburn hair, although my mom wore hers naturally straight. They both had a surprisingly long oval face for being so petite. Yet, in my opinion, this was a positive; it gave them a mature female look instead of a girlish appearance. Then as if to contradict this were their large, very expressive dark eyes, which seemed to announce their innocent nature. Both women displayed smooth soft cheeks that flowed into their jaw and ended at a simple chin, which framed their elegant lips. My mother, as I mentioned, was good-humored and loved to laugh. When she did, her whole face responded. Her cheeks pinkened and lifted, pulling the corners of her lips up into a broad smile, often with the upper row of her small white teeth showing.
      While my mother and Ms. Daniels shared facial similarities, the likeness didn’t end there. When Devon Daniels modeled, she was known for her amazingly slim figure and large, beautiful natural boobs. She claimed her measurements were 42-24-34 with a 36E bra cup, while weighing only 110 pounds. As to my mom, I could not resist going through my mother’s wardrobe. To touch her panties and stockings brought me such joy. Yet what totally beheld my fascination most was to hold my mom’s brassieres. Oh, to possess the yard an’ half of white fabric needed to hold, contain and even constrain her breasts was like holding the Holy Grail. From this, I made it a fact to learn Marisol’s measurements. At probably 5-foot-two and about 135 pounds, Mom was an appealing and arousing 32DD-28-36.
      Marisol was slim but stacked. Armed with this knowledge, most of my fantasies centered around my mom’s big boobs. I dreamt of the pleasures we could have as her son held them in my hands. I envisioned how they would feel on my lips. I visualized her holding me to her breast and sighing with desire as her son sucked on them. I often achieved orgasm just from fantasizing over her beautiful big boobs.

Word Count: 17,540

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