Incestuous Instincts


Mother Son Sex, Romantic Incest, Lingerie Model, Oral Sex/Blowjob, High School Student, Purgatory, Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Love, Minnesota Hockey, MILF, Older Woman, Younger Man, Forbidden Love, Taboo Erotica]

We all felt that forbidden attraction toward a family member. But, what happens when they feel those same desires? 18-year-old Derek is an upcoming star hockey player. The only thing he is more obsessed about is Trina…a former glamour model, who is his mom! When Derek confesses his wanting for her, when Trina learns of her son’s hidden lusts, so begins their journey of Incestuous Instincts.


      “Ms. Everland, Derek has something important he needs to share with you,” Dr. Kugno stated. When they looked at me, especially Mom with her dark brown eyes that, in that moment, caught the light and reflected the golden flecks in her pupils, I lost all my confidence and words.
      “Umm… Umm, Mom… Umm,” I fumbled to say.
      “It’s okay Derek, this is why we agreed to do this here,” Dr. Kugno attempted to reassure.
      “Sweetie, whatever it is it’s alright,” Mom assured and when she leaned forward, I couldn’t help but notice the cleavage she displayed. There I was, trying to tell her about my problem and looking at her tits. Mom said, “I will always love you no matter what.”
      “Mom, I… Umm… Mom, I find… Umm Mom, I find you very attractive,” I finally spit out. It was the hardest sentence I ever uttered. It was harder to say than my first words were.
      “Thank you sweetie,” she answered with a beaming smile, as if this was the greatest compliment she ever received.
      “Ms. Everland, I don’t think that’s what Derek means,” Dr. Kugno prodded and my mother turned to him with an, “Oh?”
      “Mom, I find you so attractive; more so than the girls at school,” and she smiled at her son’s praise.
      “I fantasize about you,” I forced myself to admit aloud.
      Forcing the issue Dr. Kugno clearly explained, “Ms. Everland, what Derek is trying to say is that he is sexually attracted to you and fantasizes about having a sexual relationship with you.” If there was a rock, I wanted to crawl under it.
      “Sweetie, is that true?” my mother asked with a surprising look of care and concern, without negative judgment. I expected rejection or revulsion. Instead, her response wasn’t the opposite but also not what I thought it would be. Confused, in my shame, the best I could do was nod my head to her question.
      “Ms. Everland, Derek’s fantasies are quite complex and detailed. They involve you two in an adult relationship.” Maybe sensing my mother was going to comment, he put up one finger in a let-me-finish gesture. “Ma’am, these fantasies involve a sexual relationship.” At that, my mother looked at me with a look of worried distress.
      “And these fantasies of Derek’s are affecting his life and his relationships.” My mother seemed oddly calm and to be taking this news pretty well, surprisingly too well. Until, she turned to face the doctor head on.
      “Are you telling me this because you are saying it’s My Fault? Are you telling me that Derek is attracted to me because it’s MY fault? Because I am A Bad Mother? Is That What You Are Saying?” and by this point she was yelling. Standing up, she towered over the seated short doctor. She yelled:
      “Let me tell you something, I have done everything I can for my son. Everything I do is out of concern for him and you have the nerve to say I’m a bad mother! Where Do You Get Off Saying That To Me? I did what I had to do so that he wouldn’t grow up in that Piss-Ant town I was born in! I travelled all over the place, doing everything so he could go to a good school! I brought him here, to you and this is what I get? You calling me a bad mother and that It’s My Fault my son is going through this phase.”
      Looming over the doctor, she pointed her finger at him.
      “Let me tell you something Buck. I’m a Damn Good Mother and if you want to say otherwise to that I say:
      “FUCK YOU…
      “… I’m outta here.” With surprising regal bearing and dignity, Trina marched out the doctor’s office… and so began our journey.

Word Count: 40,150

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