Taking My Step-Twins


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Renee was ready this time…for them both. The reception was dancing and drinks, but the after-party was hotel rooms and strip poker. Her new twin stepbrothers wanted more, but she chickened out.

Not this time. A family vacation brings the crew together. The games begin again with a little Truth and Dare.

What truths will be admitted to? What dares will leave her wet and panting?


      “Me first, then,” Winston eyed Emmett and I. There was a hella-lotta mischief hooded under those eyes. “Renee, truth or dare?”
      Emmett goaded me. “I’m not sure Renee wants to expose all her secrets.”
      I took my focus off Emmett and narrowed my eyes on Winston, a smile hinting at the corners of my lips. I was up for playing with the boys this time around. “Truth.”
      “Is Emmett using your legs to conceal an erection?”
      I choked on my cocoa. I held a hand to my mouth to keep it in, swallowing and coughing. I looked directly at Emmett. His hips rotated. There was hardness there, pressing up at me. That hint of a smile broadened into a grin. “Yes, I believe he is.”
      “Yes!” Winston pumped a victorious fist in the air. “I love this game.”
      It was my turn. A question that had been goading me since the night Winston screwed his girlfriend with the door open. “Winston, have you ever shared one of your girlfriends with your brother?”
      “You skipped the truth or dare part.”
      “You know you want to answer the question.” My boldness made Emmett laugh out loud. Where did that courage come from? The Schnapps or the tingling between my legs?
      Winston spread his palms in front of him. “Guilty as charged.”
      My jaw dropped. Even though I’d been pining to ask the question since that night in the hotel room, I hadn’t imagined how hot the answer would make me. They share. Emmett ran his hand between my calves. I shifted in my seat; I was becoming quickly…uncomfortable. Not unpleasantly.
      “My turn again.” Winston turned to his brother. “Truth or dare?”
      “Dare.” Emmett’s answer was quick.
      “Remove our lovely sister’s shirt with your teeth, please.”
      Emmett looked across the coach, asking with his eyes, but an enormous, mischievous grin on his face. I had fantasized about this at night, and now, here we were. I faux-balked at him. “I’m not going to do it for you. It's your dare.”
      He lifted my feet from his lap, his erection evident under his wrinkled jeans. Emmett knelt in front of me and pressed his lips to my waist. I closed my eyes and let them roll back in my head, surprised how aroused I was by his mere touch. The cushioned compressed on either side of my ass. I opened my eyes and there he was…his hands planted on both sides of my body, supporting himself. His body so near, cradled between my open legs…the tingling was turning into a deep yearning. He gulped more of my shirt into his jaw, jerking at it like a dog as he rose. He slowed as he neared my breasts. I lifted my hands above my head to give him easy passageway. He stopped at my nipple line to gather more fabric between his teeth; pressing into my tender flesh. My hips rotated forward, seeking even the friction of my jeans over my swollen clit. He stood, yanking the shirt off my arms and exposing me. He turned to his brother, victorious, my shirt hanging from his mouth. His jeans were stiff at my eye level, and that enormous grin shone from behind the trophy shirt. He sat back down next to me, and…my body rippled with anticipation.

Word Count: 7,572

  • Manufactured by: Randi Stepp

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