Coming Home To The Man Of The House


[stepfather, stepdaughter, first time, virgin, taboo, college girl, hardcore sex]

After four years of college, I still had not forgotten the drunken night I made out with Jack, the man of the house. We’d barely spoken about it, but it had fueled countless nights of pleasure.

Now that I’m finally coming home, will he have forgotten me? Or will I find he’s been thinking of me too? Could this be the moment I’ve waited for; him taking my innocence?


      Jack’s hips came up a bit, to push the head between my soft lips. I moaned again and let several more inches in. The heat generated between us had Jack's hand go to the back of my head and he shoved the rest of his dick into my hot mouth. The blunt tip hit the back of my throat and I could taste the saltiness it left behind. While I had started as the aggressor, Jack had undoubtedly taken over and was thrusting quickly. His breathing was becoming heavier and I pulled back against him to get up.
      I sat back for a moment, trying to catch my breath. He was rough with me, but it made my pussy water with the idea of him being the same way inside. Jack was bigger than I was used to and I couldn’t wait to feel his fat cock stretching my pussy walls.
      “Come on, don’t tease me. I am already going to hell for this.”

Word Count: 2,700

  • Manufactured by: Patience Lee

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