Threesome Surrender - Books 1 - 3


[Exhibitionism and voyeurism, sex in public, domination and submission, bare bottom spanking, double penetration, mmf, bondage, public humiliation, erotica bundle]

This sizzling hot bundle has the ladies outnumbered two to one as they are taken hard and unprotected in public by sexy alpha males. The three exciting standalone stories features three submissive women who bares it all in broad daylight for the dominant men. Here, you will find all three of the Threesome Surrender series including:

Stranger Danger

Double Stuffed


This anthology contains steamy bondage, rough encounters, exhibitionism & voyeurism, toys & alpha males who know exactly what or who they want.


      They were warm and intimidating all at once, their body radiating masculinity and sex. I could feel their hunger for sex ooze out of their bodies in dark waves and I shivered in the intensity of their eyes.
      "This is perfect," Cain said, reaching his hand towards Samuel and cupping his face so he could taste his lips while I watched. The sight of the two men touching each other made me instantly wet. There was something deeply arousing about the way Samuel's fingers curved over Cain's strong jaw.
      I leaned back into the bed and enjoyed the sight of the two men kissing passionately. They were so consumed by the taste and feel of each other that I wondered if they had forgotten my presence completely.
      The moment their lips parted, they were on top of me, hands grabbing on different parts of my clothing to pull the fabric off.
      shirt and pants were off first, exposing my matching bra and panties. They didn't pause to catch their breaths as they twisted me this way and that, lifting my hips to pull my pants and panties completely off and pulling my arms over my head to get my shirt and bra off.
      I was naked and on the bed, completely breathless as I tried to make sense of what was happening.
      The thought of their cocks throbbing inside my burning core made me squirm and moan.
      They grabbed hold of my ankles and used my torn clothes to tie me to each corner of the bed.
      "What're you doing?" I wanted to scream, but I couldn't make the words leave my lips. I stared in awe and stunned silence as they caught my wrists and tied them on the upper corners of the bed.
      I was tied spread-eagle on the bed, immobile and completely at their mercy. Here were the two men I loved most in my life and they were both going to ravage me.

Word Count: 10,233

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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