Stripped Pumped Milked #4 - Taken In Public By Transit Strangers


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, sex in public, public humiliation, blackmail, Lactation, Hucow, MMF, gangbang, spanking, bondage, bdsm, domination and submission ]

Dominic knew she was the one from the moment he laid eyes on her. He was going to fondle her, strip her, and take her hard. All before learning her name.

Olivia lost much more than her undergarments when she stepped aboard the early Sunday train. The mysterious strangers on the transit awoke primal desires within her prim and proper exterior.

Welcome aboard the Chikan Train, where women are stripped, fondled, fingered, and taken hard by sexy alpha males in every way imaginable.

This standalone short is a steamy tale with mmf, voyeurism, reluctant exhibitionism, and more.


      "Are you feeling all right?" he asked, leaning closer. He held my hand so tightly in his that I could only squirm uncomfortably and try not to whimper in fear. He was so close that our breathes were mixing. I inhaled at his every exhale, drinking in his scent like a lost sailor starved for water. The concern was evident in his ocean-blue eyes, but there was a curve of his lips that betrayed the amusement he felt at the reaction he was getting out of me.
      "I'm fine, thank you," I squeaked, berating my body for being so weak for him to elicit such a strong response in me. I tried to convince myself that the fierce flare of yearning that I felt was from the name he shared with the mysterious article that I had read this morning and not because of how much I wanted his lips on my fevered skin, savoring every inch of me.
      He oozed desire and masculinity. It was all I could do to stop myself from throwing myself at him. He exhibited no such self control, pulling me towards him by his hand on mine.
      "You're trembling," he observed, an undeniable smirk etched permanently on his face.
      The sudden proximity took my breath away. I stared into his flawless skin and mesmerizing eyes as if beckoned by a siren's song. All of me was unbearably hot, heat simmering just under my skin, scorching my nerves.
      In one swift movement, he closed the space between us, pressing his lips to mine. I was too startled to react at first and he used my surprise to his advantage, pulling both my hands behind me together with my jacket. He made a quick twist behind me with the jacket, a maneuver that managed to trap my arms behind me using my own half-opened jacket.
      He swallowed my gasp of surprise with his mouth. The brutality of his movements only made me more aroused. I was trying to get free only half-heartedly, unable to decide if I wanted to push him away or pull him closer. Him rendering my arms useless only managed to take that decision from under me.
      His groan vibrated through me. Now that my hands were useless behind me, he could start doing anything he wanted to with my body.

Word Count: 11,669

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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