The One Less Traveled #4 - Cuckold's Risky Trail


[Cuckold, Interracial, Hotwife, Dom, Slutwife, Bull, Chastity, Chastity Belt, Boyfriend, Affair, Hardcore Sex]

Nick and Nicole have it all: great jobs, two great daughters, and successful careers. Their exciting, passionate, and erotic relationship with Collin, a wealthy, gorgeous executive is red-hot. Nicole’s passion for her black lover is unbridled, and Nick loves his new role as a Cuckold Husband.

The lust and passion all of them share for the Cuckold lifestyle seems limitless. Collin and Nicole start openly dating, and Collin introduces his beautiful Latin lover to a world of professional athletes, movie stars, and super-wealthy individuals. Nicole is soon surrounded by wealthy black men, and finds Collin’s world too seductive to resist.

Nick is alarmed and worried when Nicole starts spending more time with Collin than with her husband. His career is also at a critical point, with a huge client hanging in the balance, and he desperately needs Nicole’s support. When his beautiful wife chooses Collin over her daughters, Nick explodes and confronts her. Money, power, and her gorgeous black lover prove addicting for Nicole, and Nick struggles to hold onto his wife, sign an enormous client, and protect his daughters.

Cuckold’s Risky Trail marks a turning point in the road less traveled for Nick, Nicole, and Collin.


      Nicole and I tucked April into bed later that night, and checked on Jasmine. My oldest daughter hugged my wife, and offered me a fist-bump. I’d have preferred a hug, but truthfully, I was grateful for any affection, so we rapped knuckles. Things were pretty much back to normal, I’d take it.
      We headed downstairs and into our bedroom, where Nicole kissed me on the cheek and closed the bathroom door. I stared at the closed door. She was getting undressed and then redressed for Collin.
      She was spending the night.
      With Collin.
      Without me.
      It drove me crazy.
      We planned to meet tomorrow at the golf course. In a few minutes, my wife would leave to spend the night with another man. Cuckold angst, a combination of lust, excitement, and humiliation exploded inside my body. A heady, intoxicating brew of emotions.
      I loved it.
      The door had no answers. Although, if an inanimate object could laugh, the door would’ve been laughing its ass off…at me.
      What else could I do but lay down on the bed and turn on the TV? I selected a mind-numbing martial arts flick with lots of action, a low budget, and sub-titles. The fight scenes were great, but the acting was horrible, which seemed a perfect analogy for my current situation. The sex was great, but I wasn’t getting any, or at least not the really good sex. I wasn’t even able to watch the good sex tonight. I was alone with my imagination…which, now that I thought about it, actually produced some pretty good porn.
      An hour later, the bathroom doors opened. Nicole emerged a step at a time, as though she were a model on a runway. She wore a tiny pair of shorts that showed her ass off perfectly. Her breasts were barely covered by a tank top that stopped well above her belly button, and the outfit was completed by some very expensive-looking high heels. She smiled a Cheshire Cat grin at me, and walked over to the bed. Her smile never wavered. She knew the effect she had on me, and she loved it. Her perfume hung lightly in the air, and smelled amazing as she gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek.
      “I’ll see you tomorrow, honey.”
      “Are you and Collin going out tonight?”
      “I’m honestly not sure. He doesn’t have any business meetings tonight, but we may still catch a movie or have drinks with some of his friends. He mentioned that an old friend of his flew into town today, but he wasn’t sure if he would be able to hang out with us.”
      I swallowed carefully, forced a smile and a jerky nod. “Have fun.”
      Her smile grew wider, almost predatory. “I’m sure I will.”
      The click of her heels on the wood floor marked her departure, and I watched her hips sway as she walked out of our bedroom.

Word Count: 30,689

  • Manufactured by: J.C. Wittol

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