I Want Mom, Too!


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Months after the death of her husband, Karen sought solace, and much more, in the arms and bed of her oldest son, Jeff. Over the past year the two have lived as lovers and they couldn't be happier. Not only are they deeply in love, but the taboo sex couldn't be any hotter! The only problem is keeping it secret from Karen's younger son, Jimmy.

With Jimmy away at college that hasn't been difficult, but that changes when he comes back home to spend the summer. Karen and Jeff do the best they can to stay apart and keep up the act, but when they think they can catch a quickie and Jimmy catches them, the cat's out of the bag.

Jimmy is upset, but not for the reason they think. Karen assumes he's mad because what her and Jeff are doing is wrong, but she's wrong. Jimmy's upset, but not angry, he's jealous because he wants Mom, too!


      A horn blared outside and Jimmy came flying down the stairs dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, a backpack slung over his shoulder. “Catch you guys later!” He waved and headed down the hallway.
      Jeff got up and leaning over the counter peered out the window. He saw Jimmy hop into Pete’s beat-up old Nissan and when they pulled away he turned around, “He’s gone and…holy shit.” He breathed.
      In the minute he’d had his back turned Karen had whipped off the shapeless t-shirt along with her bra and had pulled her pants off. She was now sitting on the kitchen table, with her legs wide open, spreading her pussy.
      “Like the spread I put out for breakfast?”
      Jeff strode over to the table, peeling his shirt off. He was still pulling it over his head when he felt her rip his jeans open and yank his zipper down. He grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her hard, jamming his tongue into her open mouth.
      While they kissed, he grabbed her tits, squeezing her nipples and she shoved his jeans down past his hips. The both moaned when she grabbed his turgid cock and stroked it hard and fast. Jeff broke the kiss and dropping to his knees buried his face in her already wet pussy.
      “Damn!” She squealed when he plunged his tongue inside her, “You were hungry!”
      Jeff slid his tongue upwards and after circling her clit sucked it so hard his lips smacked.
      “Baby, that feel good, but right now just bring that big fucking dick up here and fuck your mother!”
      She lay back on the table and lifted her legs. Grabbing her ankles, Jeff spread her legs as wide as he could and drove his cock into her.
      “Oh, fuck!” She cried out, “This table is just right!” She laughed as he thrust his hips, fucking her with long hard strokes.
      She grabbed her tits, holding them and stroking her nipples for him as he pounded into her, his big cock stuffing her recently neglected pussy.
      “That’s it, we got all day to play, baby, but right now just give it to me nice and hard! Take the edge off and just fuck me until you cum.”
      She yelped when Jeff grabbed her arms and pulling her up slid her off the table. The second her feet hit the floor, he spun her around and shoved her roughly in the back, bending her over the table.
      “Yes!” She cried as he plowed into her from behind. “Take it! Take your mommy’s pussy, baby! You’re going to be taking it all day, aren’t you?”
      “Oh, yeah.” He moaned as he pushed on her back, pinning her to the table. “Going to fuck the shit out you.”
      “Yeah you will. You’re going to fuck me as many times as I want it. Every time you cum, I’ll suck you hard again! All day, Jeff, you’re going to fuck your mother all goddamn day!”
      Karen stretched her arms out, grabbing the edge of the table as he fucked her. She spread her legs further apart so he could get even deeper, then squealed when he shoved his finger hard into her ass.
      “You want that ass? I’ll give it to you today, how’s that? I’ll squeal nice and loud for you while you shove that big cock in my tight little ass.”
      Jeff groaned behind her and his strokes became shorter and more desperate.
      “Oh, you like that don’t you? You like the idea of your mother letting her boy fuck her in the ass? You like treating me like a fucking whore?”
      “You are my whore.” He breathed, “My whore mother.”
      “Then give your whore mother a big hot load of cum all over that ass you’re going to fuck later!”
      Jeff slammed her several more times so hard the table rocked beneath her. He whipped his cock out and she gasped when he spread her cheeks open with his free hand and sprayed his cum onto her asshole.
      “Oh, fuck.” She sighed at the sensation of her son’s cum dripping across her ass, down her pussy and onto her inner thighs, “Oh, fuck, that feels so…”
      “Oh, my fucking God!”
      “Jesus!” Jeff cried out at the sound of Jimmy yelling behind him.
      He twisted around so fast his pants tangled around his legs and he fell on his ass on the kitchen floor. Her stomach feeling as if someone had kicked her in it, Karen straightened and turned around to face the kitchen doorway, her arm reflexively going across her breasts to cover them, not that it really mattered at this point.
      “Mom! What the fuck?” Jimmy was standing there with his eyes wide and his mouth open.

Word Count: 39,350

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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